Shrinking Days Of Summer

The shrinking days of summer are here and I'm reporting my progress. Weigh-in day. Well, to my surprise my scale moved! Last week it moved too but in the wrong direction. I was up two pounds and not very happy about it. This week, I am down four pounds so I am guessing that TOM had something to do with the scale last week. I now weigh 156.4 pounds! I am so close to my weight goal of 150 pounds but I have changed my focus.

Despite my weight gain last week I was not bent out of shape, I'd gone out of town and indulged in all sorts of foods so I wasn't surprised. I also knew that I could remedy the problem by getting back on track. This week I've tried to drink more water but I've also indulged, that lemon pudding cake I had for my family reunion meeting was yummy! And also a reminder of why I don't have cake in the house unless I bake a low-fat version!

After losing 47 pounds my life is so different. Since I am so close to my goal weight, I've decided on a new goal - to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon. As I've mentioned, I am running with Team in Training to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have to raise $4000 - 75% goes directly to the society and the other 25% helps to get me to the race in San Diego. You can support my efforts by clicking here. I am more worried about raising the money than actually running the race.
Despite my current hip pain, I know I will heal and worse case scenario I will walk the entire 13.1 miles!

Well, that is my update for the week - I'm training for a half marathon and down a total of 47 pounds!


Brooke said…
loosing last week's gain and then some - great job!!! :)
~Mendie~ said…
Being so close to your goal has got to taste almost as good as that lemon cake sounds! Great help keep me positive when I start to doubt myself so thank you for being so honest about your journey!
Heather D said…
You are SO close! That's amazing.
And, you are going to love training for the 1/2 with TNT. Such a life changing experience. Some days you'll hate it (trust me) but over all, it is so rewarding.
I'm following your progress all the way, girl!
Heather D said…
One more thing: I HEART CAKE TOO. I can't have it in the house. It is my kryptonite.
Anonymous said…
You are so awesome! I keep saying your an inspiration, but then every morning whent he alarm clock goes off I fail to get out of bed in time to work out. Will you come live with me so you can drag me out of bed???? :)
Mommy Mo said…
WAHOO! A 4 lb (or 2, however you look at it) is awesome. Take care of that wonderful body of yours and you'll be back to running in no time.
Keep up the great work! You must be so proud of yourself. xo
Anonymous said…
What is TOM? How do I do it so I too can be like you and lose 4 pounds?!!

Congrats on being so close to your goal too! I am about 10 pounds away and it feels so close yet so near. Grrr.
Tiffany said…
GREAT JOB!!! You are amazing - I am always so inspired following your journey! Can I tell you just how much you are going to LOVE participating with Team in Training?!?! It has been an absolutely life changing experience for me... If you think you are blown away by how different your life is now through your weight loss journey, wait until you see what your body is capable of while training for a half marathon!

Don't stress about the money - get started early and do what they tell you - It will come in and you will be blown away by all of the connections your friends/family have to blood cancers. GOOD FOR YOU!
Anonymous said…
Renee!! Your new goal is AMAZING! You are so going to rock that 1/2 marathon! YOU CAN DO IT!

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