Operation Healthy Living!

I am now down 45 pounds. This week I weigh 157 pounds. Although I would like to continue to shrink and lose inches, the number on the scale is not that important anymore. People ask me all the time how I lost the weight and I've said it before but I have to say it again - until I let go of my emotional weight, the physical manifestation of my feelings was going nowhere.

My outward appearance was a reflection of how I was dealing (or not dealing) with things in my life. As an emotional eater I would eat when I was stressed, I'd eat when I was sad, I'd even eat when I was happy. Food was a reward for me or a place of comfort. I've now found better ways to deal with things, exercise has helped tremendously.

I love the natural high I get from the release of endorphins when I exercise. If I am stressed instead of immediately turning to food I think about how I will feel after I eat those chips, fries, whatever. And if it is going to make me feel worse, I come up with an alternative. It doesn't always work but the fact that I am thinking before I eat is clearly a step in the right direction.

If you are carrying around extra weight and have yet to do anything about it, you have to ask yourself why. This is the hardest part of weight loss- diet and exercise those are easy. But for all of us with extra pounds there is generally an underlying issue or issues that we need to deal with to be successful.

I am now living a healthy life, I am not on a diet for a finite period of time, nor I am simple exercising to lose weight. I am making an impact on not just my health but my family as well. If you haven't put yourself first, ask yourself why? Get to the bottom of it, surround yourself with people that are positive and interested in living healthy, and then just do it! If you need help, I've got your back. I certainly could not have been successful on my journey with out the support of my friends - you, you and you over there.



You look absolutely phenomenal and I love how you summed it all up -- it's definitely a lifestyle change, and you have nailed it! Kudos to you!!
Casey said…
I think what you said is so true! Keep up the great work and the wonderful choices!
Boston Mamas said…
So so proud of you my friend!
Bridget said…
YOU GO GIRL!! Now I need to get my butt in gear :)
But, you have TONS of patience (heh) and are a true inspiration. I'd like to also add that it's never too late. I just turned 46 and am totally committed that this IS the year that I will feel really great about myself...inside and out. Keep up the good work, my friend!
PtahWorks said…
I am so proud of you! I think you hit it on the nail regarding addressing "emotional weight," to fully enable yourself to lose the "physical weight."

It's nothing like approaching behavior change from a space of "whole health." So often we focus on our physical appearance or some outward issue(s) without giving any true meaning to the constellation of issues/isms that also impact how we perceive ourselves and navigate the world.

Keep up the amazing work! You are beautiful inside and out!
LaughingLady said…
Great job! And you look fantastic!!! I'm like you were ~ eating for comfort, for fun, out of boredom... OUTTA CONTROL!! Add to that an aversion to exercise and you have a recipe for disaster!! Self-discipline is something I sorely lack, so that's what I'm trying to focus on right now.
Stillmary said…
Thank you for the inspiring narrative AND video. (Your son is very handsome and cute!) You're right where I hope to be someday and posts like yours are what will help me get there.
designHER Momma said…
you - are awesome. I just yesterday ran for the first time in 5 years.
april said…
I've blogged before that I wasn't unhappy because I was overweight, I was overweight because I was unhappy. HUGE difference.

You're a rock star. The End.
Tiffany said…
WOW! What a profound post... It is so true - I am finally experiencing the most freedom I have ever felt in the area of emotional eating. It is amazing to really FEEL my feelings and to feel strong enough to walk away in those stressful moments. Good for you and congratulations on your exciting new life!
BINGO! It's all about getting healthy for me too. I have a mysterious disease/infection that the specialist is trying to figure out. That’s what got me eating healthy foods and exercising. I believe that my body can fight this disease or infection better by doing so. I’m a large woman, but loosing weight isn’t my goal now, but a by product of a healthier way of life. One that I hope I can stick with and improve on in time. Even if this disease or infection turns out to be nothing much, I now understand how important it is to take care of my body. So eating and exercising for HEALTH is key for me.

Congratulations on the -45 lbs and the new focus!
~Mendie~ said…
This makes me so happy...you are living with what we all start out trying to achieve. I am so happy for you R!

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