Operation Healthy Living - the good and the bad

This week I weigh 154.2 so I've lost .8 pounds. I can't really explain the loss, I did move my body almost every day last week but I've worked out harder in the past and the scale hasn't moved. I've been doing the Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown DVD, it is great dynamic exercise, low impact and I burn at least 150 calories in a half hour without putting pressure on my joints. While I give my hip a rest, yoga is quickly becoming a staple in my routine. I went for a walk/run on Saturday to "test" out my hip after 2 weeks of rest and I felt great while exercising, I am came home and did my yoga but shortly felt my hip start to hurt. And despite taking my medication, it hurt all night (for some reason I refused to take my pain pills) and I didn't sleep well at all.

Needless to say, I am being seen by a specialist next week and instead of doing run/walks, I've decided to just add walking to my routine to get miles in and continue training for my half-marathon. I walked on Monday and felt really good, yesterday my leg was sore so I rested and will be out again this evening for a 3 mile walk.

I've also been thinking about my eating habits. I stopped food journaling and more importantly meal planning and this has been a mistake. I have to get back on this because otherwise I eat whatever is handy. I've also found myself snacking late at night, probably because I haven't been drinking enough water and eating enough so my body still needs fuel.

I recognize that I am on a journey and it is not always going to be easy but I am going to remain aware. Awareness will keep me on track and this means once again revisiting the emotions I am feeling when I am eating. I am catching myself before I fall back into bad habits, not beating myself up and recognize that I am still doing well. 48 pounds down, two more to go to meet my goal!

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~Mendie~ said…
Congrats on your loss...and yeah for recognizing that you need to track before you get out of control.

You are soo close to your goal...yippee! We will have a virtual party when you do...you deserve it!!!
kia said…
Congrats on your loss Renee. I am glad you aren't letting your hip get to you, an injury after consistent progress can really mess with your mind. I hope the specialist gives you good news next week. Until then keep up what you are doing and get back on that meal planning train.
Brooke said…
great job! meal planning and tracking really are key.
Anonymous said…
Awareness is key...you are so right! It is also great that you are aware that your body needs time to heal and recover and that in the long-term, this is better than overdoing it!
Christy M. said…
Congrats on your loss this week! I'm proud of you! I can't believe you're only 2 pounds away. WOW!

Sorry to hear your hip is still bothering you. Hope the doctor can figure it out so you can get back to training full-on. In the meantime, you're doing a great job moving your body in a way that doesn't cause more damage. Kuddos to you for not giving up!!!
Anonymous said…
You're so close! Journaling has helped me a lot this week. I hope your hip heals soon. Take care!
Becky Jane said…
My daughters and friend all do yoga! Go for it!
april said…
Man, take care of that hip! Seriously, we don't want any injuries!

You're a rock star. Seriously.
Renée, you are a true inspiration!

The last paragraph resonated with me so much, keeping aware and not getting frazzled by difficulties and stops and the occasional lack of progress, but keep churning on. I can do that with so many other things, why can't I do that for myself??
Allison M. said…
Love that DVD! It's available free with our cable and it's a good one.

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