No farmer am I!

Today we visited a farm that was filled with minature animals for the children to feed and pet. As you can see in the photo, my son also was able to ride a pony. I suppose I can count walking around the stinky pens with flys buzzing around and animals jumping on me demanding to be fed exercise. Or perhaps I only exercised my facial muscles with the screw face I wore the entire time we were there. If I have my wish I probably will not be visiting the farm again. This month all Dads have free entry, perhaps I can convince my husband to take our son again.

Actually, when I think about it, the joy on my son's face while he played with the animals was truly worth my discomfort. His smile is priceless!
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YUMMama said…
Oh the joy of petting zoos. LOL.
Petula said…
Screw face!? Funny. I'm glad he enjoyed it.

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