Atlanta is so hot and humid that the city has been lovely dubbed HotLanta. Today is one of those hot days when sweat beads up on your forehead as soon as you step out of your door! And that is why I've dug in my picture archive to revive this photo of my son playing in snow. In February when we were in New York a storm hit and he had a grand time. Today, by just looking at this photo I can imagine the cool winter air. I'd say it cools me off but I'd be lying. I've remained cool by staying in our air-conditioned house this afternoon..

Oh, I forgot to mention - I ran a the Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5K this morning. It was hot at 8a.m. believe me! I have photos to prove it but I'm going to talk about my race in another post. I just want to say - I ran the 5K in 30 minutes and 17 seconds! I shaved 2 minutes off of my time in the Skirt Chaser 5K and I only walked 2 minutes! Next race, no walking!

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Petula said…
Yea, it is a bit muggy.

Congrats on the race.
Emma's Mom said…
If only I had seen Mekhi and the snow before I had that second piece of bday ice cream cake, lol. Ah, well. It was HOT here in the Bay Area too. Congrats on the race, looking forward to reading all about it.
YUMMama said…
Congrats on the race!!! The snow pic has me wishing we could have our snow back that we got this past winter. Summer in the South is no joke!!!

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