Exercise wear for when you need a little *extra*

Several months ago you would have never caught me dead wearing an outfit like the one above. Form fitting? Showing all of my lumps and bumps? Never! Now that my body has taken on a brand new and improved shape I am much more comfortable wearing clothing that are more form fitting. As a matter of fact, if I win one of the Land's End bathing suits being given away on the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, I will model it here for you! The ladies have been modeling all week and I think it is the least I can do to show my solidarity if I win.

That is not to say that I am completely satisfied with my body, I still have some things that wiggle and jiggle that strength training will improve. Until that happens, I've been introduced to Marika Miracles - active wear that enhances your shape and keeps the jiggly bits from jigging. LOL!

The company sent me the Miraculous waist cincher tank and the miraculous butt booster capri with tummy control. I really like the feel of the material and I can certainly feel the sucking in of my belly and uplift of my butt. I am still a bit self-conscious about my legs and the material of the capris really holds everything in.

I have to admit when I first heard about exercise shapewear I was a little hesitant but I thought about it and realize that the more comfortable you feel exercising the better you will do - especially when people can see you. I plan on wearing my Marika Miracles outfit when I run. Unfortunately I am unable to report on the wicking properties of the pieces because while I'm resting my hip I haven't been exercising.

However, I can say that Marika Miracles does hold everything in place and based on the unscientific survey I did with my friends, workout gear with support is something they would certainly wear. After trying it, I have to agree. The only thing that I would change - which is minor - is that the butt booster capris have a seam that goes around the butt cheeks. I am assuming this is what provides the boost but for me it is accentuating an area that is already *ahem* quite robust!

All in all I say if you want to feel comfortable at the gym or outdoors and you still have some trouble zones you are working on, Marika Miracles can give you that extra support until your body has it all on its own. You can see the entire line by visiting their website.


Lori said…
Does it come in an entire body suit? *snort* You look so fabulous Renee. I know you here it every day but you truly are inspiring. I wish you were here to hold my hand through the process.
Jamie said…
I almost never swear, but when I saw the side picture of you I said to myself, "Damn she looks goood!!" - will that be enough inspiration to get me out of bed tomorrow morning????
You - The inspiration.
Wow. You look great. I'm sure that while it might be slightly scary to model a swimsuit, It will be good for everyone to 'hear' your excellent body image.
Esther Koo said…
Thanks so much for the review, Renee! I do have to agree that you do look great and we look forward to getting your feedback on future Marika lines!
Jenine said…
You look absolutely fantastic!
Momstart said…
You do look beatufiul! I saw these products and was wondering about them. They look great on you!
Houseonahillorg said…
You look so wonderful! You look like you feel sultry and well! Congrats on your accomplishment. AND now off to shop over at Marika Miracles! (thanks!)
Emma's Mom said…
Nice. I like the sounds of support while working out. It really does help to tame the worry and discomfort.

Looking great btw!
~Mendie~ said…
that looks great, and everyone no matter how hard they train can use a little jiggle support!
Deb said…
You look way to toned to need something like that. Although a little something to lift the girls and the tushy up would be nice. I don't know if I could stand the close fit. I still like my shirts baggy and loose.

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