Busy Mom, Fit Mom it can be done!

As a new mother I spent the first two years of my son's life too busy to put myself first. The joys of parenthood not withstanding, like most women, I am the caretaker of my family and many times donned the Superwoman cape. Unfortunately, my personal quality of life suffered. Although I initially lost my pregnancy weight while nursing, I was still overweight - obese and didn't find the time to get myself in gear to truly take care of myself.

I started and stopped various exercise programs but it didn't stick and I often used the excuse "I'm too busy" for not taking care of me. This past November my mindset changed completely and I decided that if momma isn't happy, no one will be happy. Being overweight affected my moods, my ability to parent and it was time for a change. I am still busy but in the midst of it all I have lost 45 pounds and changed my way of life.

My son is home with me full time and if I can't exercise during his naptime, I will take him out with me while I run with my jogging stroller. When I exercise at home, he is right by my side getting some moves in too. Being a busy mom doesn't mean neglecting myself and in this third year of parenting I am learning that I can be busy and balance my life too. I may not always complete my "to-do" list but dropping eating healthy and exercise off of the list is not an option! I am not only a busy mom but I am a fit mom too!

Check out this newest episode of BlissTV where I talk about life with a busy toddler.

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dcyrill said…
Saying Amen over here. Agree completely. Some may think that taking care of yourself first before your family is selfish, but it is not when your health and wellbeing are at stake. Our children need Moms who are making their health a priority. When they see and understand this, then want to follow in your footsteps. Real Talk.

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