Skinny Cocktails!

Although I am on a journey to healthy living, I do like to indulge sometimes. I truly believe in everything in moderation, including alcohol. I have been on a search to find drinks or recipes for drinks that are low calorie but still taste delicious. When HINT water reached out to me with suggestions for Mother's Day cocktails, I jumped on the opportunity to try some new concoctions. hint water has no calories but is flavored with the essence of various fruits - nothing artificial either! With a sample of the watermelon HINT water that was sent to me, I decided to try the watermelon martini.

It was delicious! I paired it with Grey Goose vodka and seriously, since this drink is essentially just vodka and water you need to indulge in a good vodka. Isn't that what indulging is all about? Go for the best! My husband and I both enjoyed the drink and the following day I decided to experiment and came up with a Mango-Grapefruit martini. I actually liked this one even more than the watermelon. The main difference was blending frozen fruit with the vodka and HINT water before serving.

Hint water is great as a foundation for delightful cocktails for whatever occasion you are celebrating - Mother's Day, Father's Day or just because I want to indulgence day! I plan on experimenting more with HINT water and cocktails, this weekend my girlfriend and I made peach cocktails - delicious!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, hint water is great on its own. It is so refreshing, especially if you don't like the taste of plain water or you want to get your kids to drink more water!


Healthy Mama
1 part Vodka
1 1/2 parts Watermelon Hint
1 Watermelon slice
85 calories

Mango Martini
1 part Vodka
2 parts Mango - Grapefruit Hint Water
frozen mango pieces
Blend all ingredients and serve
95 calories


Vodka Mom said…
Do I smell vodka?

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