Apparently I sometimes make this healthy living thing look easy. It isn't easy. Making this commitment to healthy living has been a long journey that has now become a way of life for me. Like everyone, I struggle to find motivation to workout, as I type I am thinking about how I am going to fit in an hour cardio workout in my day. This is not something I "have" to do but I want to improve my health, run a faster 5K next time and even though I am not focusing on it - I'd like to lose the final few pounds to get to my goal weight.

In order for me to stay motivated I surround myself with like-minded people. Some I know in real life and others have no clue I exist. The participants on The Biggest Loser fall into that category. I have never met any of the individuals on The Biggest Loser but for this entire season I have watched them battle to save their lives. Every Tuesday I cheer for them in my family room and sometimes shed a tear. As I watch the scale move for them on a weekly basis, I keep my own expectations in check. These folks are making exercise and healthy living a full time job and their results are far from typical.

When I workout - especially with Jillian Michaels dvds I keep the challengers on The Biggest Loser in mind and think - if a 400 pound person can exercise and push their bodies to the limits, so can I! A couple of weeks ago they ran a 5k and that motivated me to push my race date up. I keep thinking of Darius and the fact that he ran the 5k in 17 minutes! 4 months of intense training, over 100 pounds lost and this young man has truly become an athlete!

Next Tuesday, May 25th is the season finale. The at home winner and the overall winner will be revealed. Although the competition is for money, I personally believe everyone on the show is a winner. Tonight, as usual, I will be live tweeting the show, but next week I am on a panel with Mamavation during the finale. If you plan on watching the season finale, join the party by signing up here.

I am sure I will shed more tears and be inspired. Shay, a competitor from last season will return for a weigh-in and will be rewarded by Subway for all of her hard work. They pledged to give her $1000 for every pound shed, I can't wait to see how she well she has done. Her story and the stories of all the people on The Biggest Loser motivate me on a daily basis. I also carry the memory of what I used to look like and use that as motivation too. What is your motivation? What will get you off of that couch and truly invested in you?


This has been one of my favorite shows this year. I am going to be sad to have it finish - but I can't wait to see them all at the finale! They are such an inspiring bunch, and I love their personalities too. I actually got into the habit of making sure I exercised either on Tuesday AM or right before the show aired that night, so I could revel in my own accomplishments while they did theirs. Yay Biggest Loser, and yay us!
Lois Lane said…
First off Congratulations on losing the weight and making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss is a challenge, eating better is a challenge, exercise is a challenge BUT they are all obtainable goals if you make them a priority and take baby steps.

I don't want to lose weight but I don't want to gain any more weight either. I have type 1 diabetes and eating, exercising and weight control are all very important.

My motivation is to be here long enough to get on my kids last nerves and there's nothing they can do about it because I'm so old that they have to take care of me. Awnry I know but hey I have 2 boys and payback is priceless. LOL!

Good luck on your 5k race!
Awwww shucks, I should have read this AFTER I ate my pizza for lunch. Now you got me reaching for a can of soup, and thinking about going for a walk afterwards. LOL.

Congratulations on your weight loss. You're as much of a motivation as the folks on the Biggest Loser, so continue to be encouraged.
Terri said…
Oh, I love Darius! I cried last night when he ran the Marathon in just a little over 4 hours! I did a half marathon last weekend in 3 1/2 hours and was proud! :-D
bookieboo said…
I'm really excited about this one! Thanks so much for being one of our panelists! XXOO

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