Luna and Stella

Mother's Day is fast approaching and in my house it has always been a success when I've given my husband guidance on what I would like for a gift. My son is still too young to get the whole "Mother's Day" idea but when he is older I will be more than happy to receive breakfast in bed made by his two little hands.

In the meantime, I send Daddy emails with links to things that I like. Enter Luna and Stella jewelry. This jewelry is customized with birthstones that represent your child(ren), husband, partner, etc. The founder of the company Suzanne sent me a ring with my son's birthstone and I plan on adding a ring with my husband's too.

This is a great gift for Mother's Day and if your husband needs prodding just send him a link to Luna and Stella, I really like the new eternity stackable ring and the moon pendant is beautiful too. Your personalized order will be ready in five days - I know that receiving a note in a card that my Luna and Stella jewelry is on the way would make me smile!

Check them out, I think you will find it both beautiful and affordable.

Disclosure: I received a ring to represent my son's birthday but all opinions are 100% my own.


Anonymous said…
ooo, these are beautiful. I've always wanted a Mother's Ring and then that went to the back of my mind years ago. But after seeing these, it all comes back. I like the fact that you can just add another ring as opposed to adding a stone. Very nice.

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