The Incredible Shrinking Woman takes the Summer Shrink Challenge!

This week I've been on a hiatus of sorts. I've been reading books on my new iPad like it is going out of style, I've celebrated my son's birthday and enjoyed my family visiting from out of state. I've been relaxing my mind and my eating habits too. Having cake and ice cream in the house has triggered the "I love ice cream" area of my brain and I've had copious amounts of ice cream and cake over the past few days. Today that all ends. I have to get back on track with eating, the summer is just around the corner and I am running the Race and Relax 5k in about ten days. Plus, today marks the beginning of another challenge at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - the shrink into summer challenge.

This morning I weighed in at 158.6 pounds. I am less than 10 pounds away from my goal and I think if I focus over the next few weeks, I will make it to 150. Sadly I've had a little glitch in my exercise this week, I have soreness in my left hip when I walk and it started on Monday evening after my run. I rested yesterday and iced my leg, I am hopeful that I'll be able to run this evening. If not, I'll just walk because I don't want to be idle. I am going to play it by ear because if walking is too much I may just resort to yoga (if I am able). I don't want to injure myself and be unable to exercise at all for the long term. I know rest is the best thing for me so if necessary, I will rest for the duration of this week and pick up my training next week before the race. I think if you'd told me last year at this time I'd be forcing myself not to exercise I would have thought you were crazy but here we are, I am saddened that I'm injured but know that healing will come quicker if I rest.

I keep reminding myself that this is a lifetime of health and fitness, a few days will not stop me from continuing the good habits that I've developed. I will just use this time to reflect and think about what new and lofty goals I can set for myself- like losing this last 8 and a half pounds!


Andrea said…
Yay, Renee!! You are SO close! I know you can do it - I'll be cheering you on!

PS, our goal weights are the same too :)
*Lissa* said…
I bet by the end of summer, you will be at your goal!!

Sorry about your hip. Injuries are as much about mental pain as physical. It's so hard to rest your body when your mind has other plans. My knee is still holding me up big-time.
Your wise not to push yourself to the point of a bad injury. Hope your better soon.
~Mendie~ said…
I am sure its frustrating since you have been plugging along so well...but you are so right with not making it worse by rushing into it.

You are going to get to your goal this summer...I can FEEL IT!!!
Krissy said…
GOOD LUCK!! I'm doing the challenge too and it's so hard to keep on track. I always think, at the hard times, that I am getting healthier for my kids. Even though it's so difficult to keep on when temptations get in the way!

How do you like your iPad? Hope you can drop by my blogs!

Weight Loss Blog
My Mommy Blog
Tiffany said…
You are so awesome Renee! Look at what you have done for yourself! Hang in there with the soreness... Being injured can really be a downer, but there is always something you can find to make up for it! Keep up the great work - you will be at your goal before you know it!
Funkidivagirl said…
Listen to your body and rest and heal. Your body is used to exercise now, so taking a week off will not put you behind at will be able to continue with no problem.
Christy M. said…
Take care of that hip, girl. I'm glad to hear you're resting and icing!

My husband's birthday was this past Friday, and I've been surrounded by cake and ice cream, too. Ice cream isn't as much of a temptation as it used to be, but the cake? WOW. I actually caught myself sneaking cake, so that's when I took it and promptly deposited it in the garbage can! I may or may not have squirted dish soap on top of it just to make sure :)

Good luck with your hip, girl :)
Anonymous said…
Rest up that hip, lady. You are going to need it when you do the happy dance for reaching your goal!

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