Fashion Hauling at TJ Maxx

So far on my journey to healthy living I've lost 45 pounds. After carrying those extra pounds for a couple of years, my wardrobe is clearly in need of an overhaul. Lucky for me, the good folks at TJ Maxx/Marshall's decided to provide me with a giftcard to add some items to my wardrobe. The catch?

I had to choose an outfit inspired by the movie Sex and The City 2. Everyone that is a fan of SATC knows that the fashions make the movie. However, most of us with children don't have the budget to splurge on Manolos and Louboutins frequently, nor can we shop at Dior or Chanel. Like most moms, I do bargain shop and TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to buy designer clothing at discounted prices. Armed with a $50.00 gift card, I went to TJ Maxx to find a SATC inspired outfit.

As usual, I blew my budget by finding a dress that was spectacular, reminiscent of Samantha and looked fabulous on me. At $59.00 the Calvin Klein dress was a bargain and just goes to show you don't need SATC money to look SATC fabulous!


Rachel said…
Woo HOO Renee!!!
YUMMama said…
You go girl!!!!! Love the dress. You can tell that healthy living is working because you were glowing. Such an inspiration.
Ooo I think my fav part of the dress is the light blue at the bottom - hottness!! :) Enjoy SATC2!!!!
Would you believe I found exactly that dress last year at TJ Maxx when I was looking for a dress! I believe I was looking for something to wear at BlogHer, but I love it! The one I found was exactly the same style, but with green at the bottom instead of blue. They didn't have it in my size, but it looks GREAT on you!
Classy Mommy said…
You look so great! I just did a fashion hauling video with Kenzie. So much fun isn't it?
Sheliza said…
That dress looks amazing on you girl!! I love it!! Too bad when you are a short girl like me you can't pull off long dresses. I say that dress was a GREAT DEAL!! Six 6?? Shut your mouth!! Get it girl!!! :)
Petula said…
Fabulous dress and looks great on you.
Allison M. said…
It actually reminds me of the tie-dyed dress Carrie wore in the SATC 1 when she is in Big's apartment and they are fighting over how many people are coming to the wedding.

P.S. There's a Marshall's by my house and I'm ALWAYS there looking for shoe deals.

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