Between The Lions

We are big fans of PBS in my household. My son loves the educational programs, Dinosaur Train is his very favorite and although we don't watch the show daily, Between The Lions is a favorite too. We have the CD of the show and almost every single night my son goes to sleep listening to the tales of the Lions.

Between The Lions is a show designed to encourage literacy skills in children from age 3-5. Between the Lions refers to where the lions live in and run an enchanted library. During the show, the lions read stories, sing and the words are scrolled on the screen.

This month, Between The Lions is taking the show to the road. Mekhi and I were lucky enough to be given tickets to see the show while it was here in Atlanta on Friday. The show ran a little under an hour long- the perfect time for this age group. It combined a live musician, audience participation, the lions and a singing group for many laughs and fun times.

If you are in the following areas be sure to catch this live show
Macon, Georgia - May 1-5 Georgia State Fair
Columbia, South Carolina - May 6
Charlotte, North Carolina - May 7-8

Not in these areas? That is okay, check your local listings to watch this show on PBS. Here in Georgia you can watch Between The Lions at 1pm on PBS.


Yum Yucky said…
Mekhi is a real cutie. :)
Allison M. said…
He looks like he is going to do something bad and funny all at the same time in that picture!
Sheliza said…
And who is this grown boy with the Lions?? He is really looking older and Between the Lions rocks!!

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