The Art of Relaxed Productivity

Billy and I went to college together. Although we were not close friends, we did run in the same circles and were familiar with each other. Years later we have both adopted work lifestyles that enable us to have flexible schedules. Billy is a graphic designer (who does some interior design on the side) with a great eye and my blog has enabled me to launch a freelance writing and social media consulting career. I've admired Billy's artistic talents - it is evident in gifts that he has given to some of our mutual friends and he has admired my social media savvy. We decided to take a break during our workdays to get to know each other better and share information about our individual talents.

We learned quite a bit from each other - I've inspired him to finally start a blog and he has me thinking about how he can help me build my personal brand. It is amazing how years after college we can come together, get to know each other better and share best practices in an environment that is relaxed but we were extremely productive. After our meeting at Einstein's Bagel's I donned my mommy hat and took Mekhi to the Imagine It! Children's Museum. During breaks in play Mekhi noshed on his unfinished strawberry muffin from Einstein's and between business calls (I am truly a multi-tasking momma) I snacked on my left over fruit salad.

Einstein's served as a perfect low-key offsite meeting place with a friend and was a nice stop before heading out to the museum.
I have a $25.00 giftcard for Einstein's for one of my lucky readers. All you have to do is tell me how you relaxing helps with your productivity - either professionally or personally.

This contest is open until May 11 at 9 pm EST. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Einstein's Bagels. Wanna win $1000 courtesy of Einstein's? Answer a simple question on Divine Caroline to enter to win!

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Sheliza said…
That is a great photo and it is nice to catch up with old friends ;)
Execumama said…
Great post! This is my lifestyle also, and I was just talking to my husband—on the way back from a meeting at our oldest daughter's school—about how blessed we are to have a life that is truly filled with luxuries. For example, as I"m typing this, I'm sitting in my sunroom working on my laptop while our youngest is in the backyard playing and chasing squirrels. Later today, I'll take them both to the bookstore, so I can enjoy perusing through magazines while they dig into books, toys, and their favorite, the train set. Life is great, and I'm so thankful to have relaxation built in to my lifestyle so that my "work" time not so much of a task (sometimes, anyway *smiles*).
K. Rock said…
I am most productive after I have had a relaxing night. After a good nights sleep, I wake up ready to conquer the world! This lasts for about 5 hours then I need a nap. Hey, I'm not perfect!

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