World Fitness Day!

You are looking at a photo of my dear friend, the step. I've been a fan of step aerobics since 1992 when I was introduced to Jane Fonda's Step aerobics video and step. As you can see, 18 years later I am still the proud owner of a Jane Fonda Step. This step was my first foray into living a lifestyle totally committed to fitness. I used my step faithfully six days a week for a month and the results - I lost 10 or 15 pounds and developed a love for being in shape.

Although "bigger and better" models of the step were released, I stand by my original step and when used consistently it has never let me down. My step has played an integral part of my current weight loss journey and although the video is long gone, I will continue to use my step until I am no longer able to.

I suppose I can attribute my love of fitness to one of the original fitness divas - Jane Fonda. This Saturday, she is holding the first ever World Fitness Day here in Atlanta and you know I am going to be in attendance! Not only is this event raising awareness about the importance of fitness but it is also raising money for Jane Fonda's non-profit, G-CAPP (Georgia's Coalition for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention).

This event is going to be stellar! It will entail an hour long workout with fitness greats like Jane Fonda (of course), Billy Blanks, Denise Austin, and Richard Simmons. In addition there will be a workout zone and following the workout a concert featuring Ludacris and The Pointer Sisters! If you are in the Atlanta area you can get tickets by clicking here at a 50% discount! And if you don't live in Atlanta, the event is going to be on UStream, so click here to watch it on Saturday morning!

I am so excited that I was invited to particpate in this event, Jane Fonda obviously holds a dear place in my heart and of course, I love to be active.


Funkidivagirl said…
I need a step platform! How fitting that you have the Jane Fonda step LOL! Great post and the event sounds fantastic.
What a fun event! I wish I were closer ... sounds like a blast. And I would *LOVE* to meet Billy Blanks! He seems like such an inspirational guy.

I love step, too. It's my favorite aerobic activity ... besides mowing my yard. :)
Petula said…
Sounds like super fun!
Elieabel said…
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