Spring Is Here!

It is spring and the weather is truly gorgeous in the ATL. Now that we are able to participate in more outside activities, I try and schedule fun things for Mekhi and I to do. Last weekend we had the pleasure of venturing to the Dunwoody Nature Center for a family hike. We explored the woods during a guided tour with Ms. Carla Birnum. She was truly great. Our focus was the underbelly of the foliage that had fallen to the ground and now serves as a place for things to grow and live. We were all equipped with magnifying glasses to explore the unknown.

During our walk was saw centipedes, earthworms and fungi.

Mekhi was not too keen about the bugs, he would look at them but only from a distance!

Our easy hike ended at the playground where we spent time playing with some new friends.
The weather was perfect for our excursion, the rain a couple of days before kept that pollen in the air down, if you take a look at my boots you can see they turned yellow from the pollen!

Being outdoors was great, especially since the entire excursion was free! If you are in the Atlanta area you should really check out the nature hikes every Saturday from 1-2pm.

During the week there are also classes for everyone fromhomeschoolers to toddlers and although there is a charge, it is minimal so that is also an option for us.

After our trip we made a quick stop at Einstein's Bagels, Mehki loves the mini-bagels, they are the perfect size for a toddler (and if you join their facebook page you can find out about deals like free bagel Friday). We will be sure to explore the city more before the heat is on, I look forward to sharing our travels with you.


Nataliana said…
That looks so fun!
Looks like y'all had a blast. We're hitting the beach next week. Your boots are hot. They instantly reminded me of Lindsay Maines.

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