Operation Weight Loss - Week 20! The Incredible Shrinking Woman

This week I am so excited! I have finally broken through my two week weight loss plateau and I am down 2 pounds. That brings my total weight loss to 42 pounds. I now weigh 160 and I am only 10 pounds away from my goal. My weight loss has been slow and steady, my five months of hard work have paid off, doing it this way the likelihood that the weight will stay off for good is much higher (and of course I am committed to keeping it off)!

In the past, 10 pounds was my maximum weight gain before I took action. Now that I have 10 pounds to lose and because it was so difficult for me to lose the last two pounds, I've decided to change some things. I am going to add cardio for five days a week to my program in addition to the other workouts that I am doing. I think this combination will take me to the finish line and I can finally get to maintenance mode.

I have added inspiration because I'm the newest member of the Motherhood of the Traveling Shirt. I am one of 12 moms across the country (and maybe the world) that will wear this shirt for 2 weeks for motivation and inspiration on my journey to living a healthy and fit live. We all will all blog about our experience on the BornFit blog.

This shirt gives me motivation and I thank Lissa for choosing me to be the newest owner of the Magical Shirt. I have to run and workout now but tomorrow I will be posting about my giddiness when I received the shirt and how despite a wrench in my workout plans, knowing I was the new owner of the shirt pushed me to exercise!


*Lissa* said…
You are just too cute!

Great loss and you are totally ROCKING that shirt (as I knew you would)!
I am so proud of you! What got you over your plateau? I started off strong with the Shred in March, but it's been slow going since. I think I need a buttload of cardio to finally get these last lbs off. Holy smokes, it's so tough!!!

I love this Traveling shirt challenge, how sweet of Lissa to choose you! Love me some Lissa, and you! ;)
bookieboo said…
Congrats girl! You make me so proud.

I'd never heard of the traveling shirt before. Is that like passing the Olympic torch?
Brooke said…
congrats on all your hard work. i can't wait to read about your 2 weeks with the magical shirt :)
Heather D said…
Hooray for you! You're getting so close to your goal - fantastic!

Rock the shirt! Woot!
You look amazing in that shirt, Renee! Congrats on being the newest Mother to wear the magical shirt :) I hope it brings you inspiration and the motivation you need to keep the scales moving down!

YAY on your 2 lb loss this week. WOW!!!
Congrats :) that is way too awesome! So happy for you!
Sarah Burns said…
You are amazing and beautiful and seem like such a happy person! Love your video and love following your journey!

So inspiring!

Sarah, The Ohana Mama
MollyinMinn said…
What amazing success! You are too cute and really inspiring!
Christie O. said…
Wow, HOW WONDERFUL ON SO MANY FRONTS!! You are going to be in the 150's next week! You are breaking through that plateau! You are learning about what your body wants and needs and you're listening to it, that's amazing! It's so amazing the things we learn about our bodies on this journey! Congrats, Renee! And the traveling shirt idea is so awesome! It MUST feel magical to have it on and unbelievably inspiring!
Anonymous said…
Congrats!! I am so tempted to chuck the scale, but I just can't. I weigh on my wii board, but we have a bathroom scale too.
Keonte' S said…
Even your energy looks healthy. I know that sounds weird, but your inside matches your outside.

Great job! You inspire me.
Anonymous said…
Woohoo!! Only 10 pounds to go! And YAY for collarbones, too! : )
Darcel said…
How exciting for you! Those last few pounds seem to be the hardest, but it sounds like you've got a great plan all ready to go.
Tiffany said…
Great job on breaking through the plateau! You are amazing and how great to look back at all you have accomplished. Very exciting to be continuing the journey of the BornFit shirt too.
slow and steady is just fine, you are doing amazing!!you are inspiration for me to keep me going towards my goals. I am down 18, and would like 20 more to be gone like asap!! So reading your posts are almost equivalent to my ww meetings! i love your words!
Nataliana said…
wow..props to you and 10 lbs. left to go..you're truly an inspiration! That's cute how you pass on the shirt to another fit mom.
Jaxon said…
Congratulations for becoming the newest owner of the Magical Shirt.Can U post your daily routine like what was your diet and what was your workout to lose weight in such short time.
That's amazing, Renee! Congratulations! I know it feels good! Funny, we have the same goal weight! You'll get there in no time at all! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

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