National No Phone Zone Day

I've teamed up with Oprah(yes that Oprah) to get the word out about No Phone Zone day. Last month after talking with my mom about using my phone while driving and watching a repeat of Oprah's show on distracted driving I wrote a post on BlogHer compelling people to sign the No Phone Zone pledge.

April 30th is No Phone Zone Day and I hope that you will sign the pledge. Driving while distracted is even more dangerous than driving while drinking or when tired. As a parent, as a daughter and as a wife, I cannot endanger my life and the lives of others on the road by driving while distracted. I admit it is difficult not to check my email or answer the phone when it rings or when I am at a stop light. But the danger outweighs the benefits. Nearly 6000 people die annually as a result of distracted driving! On any given day in 2008, 800,000 vehicles were driven by people using handheld cellphones.

Please sign the pledge and end distracted driving.


strokeofliving said…
I finally signed the pledge. Thanks for this reminder. I'm hands free!!
Petula said…
I need to get a hand's free device... I missed this post and the pledge. Guess I can still go sign, huh?

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