National Minority Cancer Awareness Week

I think everyone knows someone that has survived or succumbed to cancer. I've written in the past about my Aunt Helen who passed away when I was 15 after a battle with leukemia. Her brother, my grandfather also died of cancer and I have numerous friends that have been diagnosed with varying types of cancers. Some have survived but many have not.

Because of the impact that cancer has had on people that I care for deeply in my life, I jumped at the opportunity to become a member of the American Cancer Society Bloggers Advisory Council. And armed with the knowledge that African Americans have the highest death rates of any racial or ethnic groups in the US, I feel it is important for me to lend my voice and time to getting information out to educate others about this problem.

As most regular readers of my blog know, I have personally been on a journey to healthy living in a very consistent manner since November of last year. By exercising and eating right, not only I have I lost 42 pounds but I am decreasing my likelihood for developing cancer. After many years, I have also recommitted myself to having annual health screenings, something that many people do not do. Unfortunately, because of a lack of health screenings, many times cancer is diagnosed at late stages in the African American community.

I implore you to investigate your family history, have annual checkups and have screenings for any cancers that you may be at risk for. If you don't exercise consistently aim for at least 3 sessions a week and load up on healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, even if you are already doing these things for yourself, encourage your friends and family to adopt your lifestyle.

You can find out more information about prevention by visiting the American Cancer Society website. Do it for you and for your family.


Krystal Grant said…
Thanks for the post. My mother in law is a cancer survivor and two of my close coworkers. Early detection is so important. I'm glad to see you've stressed the importance of healthy eating and regular screenings.
great post to help generate awareness amongst african-americans.. i have also known several people within the past few years who have been diagnosed with cancer, specifically breast cancer.. i walked with American Cancer Society last year for their October event and whole heartedly support your efforts..

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