Monday Confessional - Mamavation

It is Monday and this weekend was filled with wine and chocolate. Red wine is good for you right? A glass a day but I suppose I made up for all of the glasses I've missed out on over the last 4 or 5 months! And last night I had a dark chocolate candy bar with almonds. Delicious! And of course, dark chocolate is good for you too - in moderation.

Sadly, I didn't work out over the weekend so today I had to play make-up. I am doing a challenge on Sparkpeople and I don't want to get left behind. Today I did Jillian Michaels Quick No More Trouble Zones on Exercise TV, and the 30 Day Shred Level 1 and 3. In all it was about an hour workout. Now, if I were really gangsta I would also do Burn Fat, Boost Your Metabolism but I will probably save that one for later this week.

How do I feel about my weekend "transgressions"? I feel fine, they say adopted an 80 -20 way of diet an exercise works - healthy stuff 80 percent of the time and not so healthy 20%, I can do that. And I rarely do so this was really something different for me. Will I do it all the time? Doubtful but I did enjoy it!

I am on my journey to healthy living and my girlfriend Kristina Daniele aka Mom on the Rise and cofounder of Moms of Hue is a contender for the next Mamavation Mom. Mamavation provides support to two moms on a weight loss journey and I really hope that I can convince you to vote for Kristina today and every day until April 12. Kristina needs to lose 195 pounds. A person, seriously. With your vote she can start the process of truly living a healthy life and tackle this weight once and for all. Just click HERE to vote and please do so EVERYDAY! Thanks!


Execumama said…
Good for you! I'm telling guilt to shove off these days, and replacing it with action. Sounds like you're right in line to stay on track, and that's what counts.

Oh, and I've already started my daily vote for Kristina!!
Colleen said…
I like that 80-20 plan....I have always been "everythign in moderation" type.
Anonymous said…
Renee, I have been following your blog for awhile and I must say that you have inspired me to get back on track with me weight lose...I have gone to and mamavation and those site are great. Thanks
Rachel said…
Love the 80-20 plan; that's how I'm approaching things. Moderation -- at least here in the beginning as I get my body used to a healthy lifestyle.
Miz said…
for me it took years to realize that GUILT meant I was doing something "wrong" or 100% not in alignment with my moral code.
not working out? an extra brownie or 8?
definitely not that :)

have a great week!
bookieboo said…
I am SO incredibly proud of you for all your dedication. You are such an inspiration to women all over the internet. And I think you are personally FABULOUS! XXOO
kia said…
I hope your week has been going well. You are coming across as being really healthy for not flipping out or hiding the wine and chocolate. I love the balance you are creating in your life.

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