Hiking and family fun!

With the beautiful spring weather here in Atlanta, I've been able to add outdoor activities to my workouts. On Friday my family and I hiked Stone Mountain.

I was so impressed by my almost three year old, he hiked the entire 1.3 miles up the mountain!

But when his dad offered to carry him back down, he quickly acquiesced and his dad had a serious workout!

I doubt that I will hike with my son again but I do plan on adding hiking as one of my regular workouts because it was really challenging - especially at the very top! This weekend we also explored a trail that is five minutes away from our home on the river. It is beautiful and winds through the forest. It is so nice for the area to be conserved while providing a safe place for walking/running/biking in an semi-urban area.

I've been combining my love for virtual fitness products and DVDs that I use at home with the great outdoors. I am trying to take advantage of this lovely weather before it becomes too hot to workout outside. I have also made a goal to run a 5k in June with the BlogRollers and their Race and Relax event. After we complete the race we will be treated to a brunch, receive a spa certificate and other fabulous goodies! I look forward to running my first race in many years and what a great way to do it with friends!


Wifey said…
What a beautiful day - and great pictures! Looks like a great time.

So glad you're joining us for Race & Relax! Can't wait to cheer you on for the 5K! I know you're going to rock it!

Winks & Smiles,
Anonymous said…
Nice to meet your family. :-)
Anonymous said…
OMG you cut his hair. He looks sooooo cute!!!!. I Love it. Oh yeah, good job on the hiking LOL.
Funkidivagirl said…
My husband wants to do something outdoorsy for his birthday...maybe we will hike Stone Mountain; your post made it look fun.

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