Secrets of the Mountain

Before cable was widely available, families had to rely on the programs that were available on the television for entertainment. In those days, I believe executives took that into account when determining the types of shows available on certain days of the week and times. I fondly remember looking forward to "family movie night" when at 8 pm there was a show that was appropriate for the entire family to watch together.

These days you are hard pressed to find these types of shows on network television but with cable, DVD players, DVRs widely available families can make there own movie nights. However, it would be nice to know that on a Friday night a family can turn on the tv and have a great show that can be viewed by everyone.

Walmart and P&G have partnered to bring back "Family Movie Night" with the movie Secrets of the Mountain. Recently I had the opportunity to preview the film in New York and give my opinion about it. I have to admit that I was skeptical prior to viewing the film, I thought it might be similar to one of those old after school specials or be over the top with product placement but I was pleasantly surprised. With the exception of one scene, the product placement was seamless in the film.

Not only did I enjoy Secrets of the Mountain but I can honestly say that I'd recommend it everyone. As a matter of fact, if you check this week's circular, you will see that I did!

My friends Audrey, Lori, Christine and I are featured in the circular. You can also check out our reactions right after we screened the film.

I say make an appointment for family movie night next Friday, April 16 and watch Secrets of the Mountain on NBC with your family. You won't be disappointed!

Disclosure: Although I had the opportunity to screen the film in New York, all of the opinions are my own.


Vinaya Muri said…
Secrets of the Mountain is best television show on NBC, and my favorite.

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