Earth Day!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! A day to raise awareness about conserving our planet. If you are not already taking steps like recycling and using reusable shopping bags perhaps today is the day you can start. If you are already doing things to help conserve the environment, you can start educating your little one and I have some resources that you may not be aware that can further help you in your efforts to save our planet.


ThredUp - Do you have clothes that your child has outgrown hanging in the closet taking up space? List a box on thredUp and exchange the clothes for ones that fit! If you list a box today you will receive a $5 credit for that you can use for shipping or a PRO membership! Join thredUP by clicking here (an exclusive for my readers).

Disney Store - Bring in 6 plastic bottles or soda cans for recycling today or tomorrow and you will receive a Friends for Change baseball cap (one per person). The Disney Store also has some great green products like reusable shopping bags, aluminum water bottles and journals made from recycled paper that you can use to help educate your child about conservation.

Walmart - Trade your old electronic equipment for pre-paid Visa giftcards that can be used at Walmart by clicking ">here (this is an on-going program).

On I've written an article that describes how you can implement a recycling brigade at your child's school and earn money for the school or your favorite non-profit!

Nick Jr. - All day long Nick Jr. will be focused on teaching pre-schoolers about being environmentally friendly. I love Nick Jr. because although the programming on Earth Day is special, they teach children about the importance of conservation and recycling all year round.

EcoFriendly Cards - Use electronic invites for your next party! has beautiful customizable electronic cards that you can use. Although you need a subscription ($19 for one party and $99 for a year), if you use the code cocoEarth2010 at checkout you will receive one free invite that is completely customizable! This special offer is available until May 15th.

Get outdoors
Visit your local botanical garden, plant a garden with your child, take a nature walk. Enjoy all the wonderful things that the Earth has to offer with you child and educate them about the importance of conservation.

Although today is Earth Day we can celebrate planet Earth everyday!


Anonymous said…
We have to plant more plants.
- Happy Earth Day
Swarthy Daisy said…
Happy Earth Day to you too R! Thanks for this post. I am going to try the Walmart thing. I never knew that. I try to help mother earth as much as I can!

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