My husband and I live a plane ride away from our immediate family and sometimes that makes life difficult. We both travel and sometimes have difficulty finding a babysitter. I am lucky to have a cousin in college here that will pitch in and babysit and when I have extended travel my mother will usually fly down to take care of my son (love you Mom!). However, there are occasions when family is not available and often my friends and I exchange favors and sit for each other. However, we sometimes have scheduling conflicts. can assist in these instances. Basically, Hivemoms is a babysitting co-op, very similar to the agreement I have with my friends to watch each other's children. The website is free to join and you can start a group in your area. Of course, prior to setting up babysitting, I'd meet the other moms to see if our kids meshed and is a wonderful way to widen my network of dependable babysitters.

I plan on joining the Hive in my area so that I have multiple options for babysitting and new playmates for my son. If you are a blogger you might want to consider entering the story contest for a chance at winning the $250 prize.

As a member of I hope to always have a reliable babysitter available to me and of course, I will return the favor!

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Looks like a great idea. Will let my friends no about this.

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