Operation Weight Loss Week 18- The incredible shrinking woman

This week I've maintained my weight loss and am holding at 162 for a total loss of 40 pounds since November 23. I am still excited because I know that I have been making good food choices and this week I took some much needed rest from exercising. My left foot has been bothering me tremendously and instead of doing heavy cardio and calisthenics I practiced yoga and when I was able to apply pressure to my foot I also danced.

We will see what next week holds but my biggest revelation over the past week has been that exercise does not have to be chore. Exercise can actually be fun and I am rediscovering this by doing Zumba, Bellydancing and am awaiting the arrival of a Ballroom dancing DVD that I hear is extremely challenging.

I think this is a very important to remember, exercising is something to look forward to if you find something that resonates with your soul. I have always been a dancer and have found some activities that incorporate dance and burn some serious calories. I know that next week I will both lose some weight and have fun while doing it!

Until next week, this is Renée, the Incredible Shrinking Woman, signing off!


Tarable said…
Congrats on your progress and on the "discovery" that exercise can be fun. I like to view my workouts as a form of moving meditation and a time that I don't have to think about anything else but my muscles.

And you're right...once exercise becomes something other than a chore, it's much easier to do. I consider exercise my sanity check. (As in, if I don't do it, I go insane.)
Brooke said…
hope your foot gets to feeling better soon - and you're right forced exercise just doesn't cut it. either your won't keep it up, or won't give it your all. its gotta be something you love.
Rachel said…
Hey, Renee -- the video isn't working for me. After I click on it, I see the message "The Video you have requested is not available."
Rachel said…
Thanks for fixing it!

YouTube! I would have NEVER thought about looking for exercise videos there.

Belly-dancing? I'm in awe -- I tried that once . . . back in the day. OH MY GOSH -- I never felt so twisted up. I do NOT have the coordination for that (LOL).
Keep up with the good .. dance !

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I will post soon some European news for weight loss
Anonymous said…
I'm getting back to having fun while exercising. I hit a speedbump there for a while, but I'm determined to look forward to exercising again!
M. Force said…
I like to view my workouts as a form of moving meditation and a time that I don't have to think about anything else but my muscles.
L . Wiw said…
The video is great and has motivated me form my internal soul. Now i feel much energized and relaxed as well.

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