Operation Weight Loss Week 17- The incredible shrinking woman

I'm going to get right to it. I am down another 1.4 pounds this week bringing my grand total to 40 pounds! I've lost 40 pounds since November 23, 2009 - the week of Thanksgiving! I've remained consistent with my diet and exercise and I am proud to say I am seeing results. If you watch my video you will see that I can now wear my size 9 junior goal pants that I shared with you a few months ago. I used to wear these pants to the club - it has been ten years since they have graced my backside comfortably!

I've reached one of my goals but I still have other goals to meet. I want to lose another 12 pounds to reach my goal weight of 150 pounds and I want to fit in those Joe Jeans that I got for my birthday. Give me another month and I think I'll do it!

Now that I've shared with you some of my goals and I want to let you in on a goal that my girls at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans have going on this year. A group of them are running a half marathon with team in training to raise money for Leukemia and other blood cancers. Leukemia is close to home for me, my aunt and a cousin succumbed this disease. And two of my blogging buddies have children that are being treated and in remission for leukemia. As a matter of fact, years ago I was training for a triathalon with Team In Training but sadly I didn't do it. I may set that as a goal for next year but in the meantime I hope you can support the Sisterhood reach their goal of $50,000. For added incentive a party is going on and for every $5 you give you get entries to win a ton of cool stuff. For more info click HERE!

Team Shrinking Jeans Bash


*Lissa* said…
I love that I smile the entire time I watch one of your vlogs! Your happiness is contagious - LOVE it!

FORTY pounds?! You are such an inspiration!

Thank you for the shout-out to our team. It really means a lot. Peyton is actually one of my personal honorees for this race, and I am going to check out the other site you linked to.

Team Shrinking Jeans has raised over $20,000 to date! Amazing.
bookieboo said…
Girl you look AMAZING! Good for you...I'm so proud of you!! XXOO

BTW, that orange is your color.
Sheliza said…
Look at that AMAZING hot body!! Whoo hoo you are looking beyond fabulous! I need to get my ab workout on cause I am looking at myself and thinking I want a flat tummy like YOU! Check out the toned arms, aww girl you really have done so much in 4 months. I am so proud of you. What does the husband think???
Brooke said…
congrats!! :) you're on a roll - seems to be a one milestone after another. woot!!
Anonymous said…
Girl,you are just doing it. You look soooo good, so happy, and just sooo blessed. I'm happy for you.
Rock it, sister! Congrats, beautiful! ;)

I was hoping we'd get to 40 together, I'm still struggling on these last couple lbs to get to that milestone, but I'm gonna do it!! Woohoo!
Girl, you keep rockin' that new body with your bad self.

You're doing a fabulous job.
Karena said…
That's so inspiring, Renee! Congrats on the size 9s!! So proud of you!
You really do look amazing. I know I've said it 100x, but I am SO proud of you. So proud. You took the bull by the horns, and slammed it to the ground. I think you may have even kicked dirt in it's face :)

Those 9s are looking AMAZING on you! I think you need DO need to celebrate by hitting the clubs and doing some serious dancing, girlfriend! I LOVE that you said you could wear them outside. HA! I know how it feels to be able to get into the jeans and being able to get into them *and* wear them out in public.

Keep up the great work!!! You are so inspiring.

Heather D said…
40? I'm kind of speechless! You are such an inspiration!
You SO need to rock your jeans in a club. For real!
carolpie said…
Dang! You look so GOOD! Really hot! You should be so proud of your hard work!

We just found out my Dad has leukemia - I applaud your efforts!
Krystal Grant said…
Fantastic! Simply fantastic!
Naomi said…
wow! just amazing, Renee.
Looking amazing. I see the sassy style in your talk. You go girl!
WTG on your amazing loss thus far! That's fantastic! Rock on in those size 9 pants. :)

Thanks for the shout out about our Team in Training group, too. We really appreciate it when other bloggers help spread the word. Hopefully the day will come when no one else has to go through what your aunt and cousin did!

TRochelle said…
Congratulations! I know that had to be a wonderful wonderful feeling. I don't remember that size lol. Hopefully, I see something close to it really soon. Keep up the marvelous work and continue to inspire!
Anonymous said…
Renee, you are doing so, SO amazing! I cannot wait until you fit into those Joe Jeans! WOOHOO!!
Banteringblonde said…
Amazing ... what I love to see is that you become more and more motivated over time! So inspirational!
Minnesota Mami said…
Okay Renee! This is my first time watching one of your vlogs and you are the cutest thing EVER! Congrats on the size 9 juniors! Seriously...last time I wore size 9 juniors was probably 9th grade!!! I needed to hear your message of encouragement this morning...thanks!

PS - you have a couple blog awards at my blog...come on over and pick 'em up! http://makingoverme.blogspot.com/2010/03/what-week.html
Hollee Temple said…
Wow! This is incredible, Renee! I thought you looked great when we met at Blissdom. You look amazing today. I'm inspired -- now I just need a plan.

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