Morning Routines

My son will be three in May and lately he has been reverting to some of his old ways. When he was an itty bitty thing he used to sleep in the bed with us, mostly for convenience - waking up to nurse and going into another room to put him to bed was not an exciting proposition. At around five months when I returned to work, he began sleeping in his own room. We all slept peacefully for two years but this past holiday season when we visited my mother we began sleeping together again. Three in a bed. And I am not the Queen in my bed, as a matter of fact, I more closely resemble a pauper with a mere 4 inches (if I'm lucky) of space and an arm or foot thrown in for good measure.
Needless to say, this does not warrant a great night's sleep for me. In the morning when I wake up, bleary eyed and tired I am destined to fire up the griddle for breakfast. You see, my son is a picky eater and the only thing that he will eat for breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner too) is pancakes.
My son loves pancakes, he never tires of them.
I wish there was more variety in his diet, he does like crackers and bread too - but what kind of mother will I be if I serve that for breakfast? So every morning, without fail, I make pancakes. I am thinking about getting creative and adding meat and vegetables, that way I know he will get all of the nutrition that he needs!

I am not the only one challenged in the morning with routines, check out this video from Bliss TV where I and several of my friends discuss our morning routines. Have a laugh at our expense!

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Al_Pal said…
I remember I saw a post, ages ago, somewhere, about sneaking veggies into the pancakes to get more nutrition into kids!

Also, Mrs Flinger has a post up with healthy pancakes, made with cottage cheese and oatmeal!

bohemian soul said…
Your blog was featured on the Cream of Nature add in
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Erin said…
Oh my goodness, he is looking like such a boy!
Tamona said…
Okay as you know I am NO health nut so what I am about to say probably has a serious warning label embedded in the text but I put BACON in my pancakes. It gives your pancakes a whole new taste. I normally cannot eat a whole pancake due to overdoing it as a child but with bacon chopped up inside the pancake I can eat two pancakes. It is really good. You should sneak him a little bacon in there and we will call it protein to make it sound healthy. lol!!
cocoamommy said…
I have two picky eaters except for breakfast. My youngest picky eater is 3yo and she was stuck on pancakes for a moment. I usually buy the frozen ones during the week however on the weekends I will make pancakes. Fortunately for me she will eat grits, oatmeal, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese and lots of peanut butter. Fruit in the pancakes may work bananas, blueberries, apples,strawberries on top.
Anonymous said…
Hmm that's amazing but frankly i have a hard time understanding it... wonder what others have to say..

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