Monday Confessional - Operation Weight Loss

I am excited about my weight loss so far but I am also scared. Scared because I am now out here on my own, preparing meals and making food choices. For this part of my journey I am going to need all the support I can get!


Excellent job, Renee! I enjoyed your Confessional! You had some good info including the tip about Spark People. Good luck planning and preparing your own meals. I am sure you'll do fine.
First of all, you look SO great! You have the perfect attitude to succeed. It is okay to cheat sometimes. Everything is in moderation. My shopping goal is to try to stay on the outside aisles of the grocery stores for the majority of my groceries. If they would only put the cereal, pasta, and rice there too it would be perfect :)
Naomi said…
You'll do great- you have the right attitude and you know what you're doing. You're glowing already, it's uphill from now on...
Beadwright said…
Heyyy now take a deep breath... let is out slowly and repeat after me. "I am woman, I am power, I am beautiful, and I can do this!"

I am so proud of you Renee. You will do just fine.

Bari said…
Renee-you so have this! Don't get scared and don't get discouraged. You are going to be just fine. I am so proud of what you've accomplished so far. This is just the next step and you are going to OWN IT!
Rachel said…
You look amazing, and you're totally adorable, regardless of size. You CAN do this, you're absolutely right. I signed up for Spark People on my iPhone but haven't really used it yet, maybe you will inspire me to REALLY get started. Thank you!

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