Letting Go

At this point in my weight loss journey I am not having difficulty letting go of my weight. I eat the appropriate foods and workout consistently for slow and steady weight loss. However, I am having a difficult time releasing my fear of needing ALL of my clothes. Around these parts I am known for my pack rat tendencies. I get it honest, my mother doesn't throw away much either. Please do not confuse this with being a hoarder, I am far from that(I think) but I do have a closet full of clothes and a couple of bins that I need to go through and give things away. These things have been sitting around for the two years that we've lived in our house.
We moved in 5 days before I gave birth and although I'd started packing our belongings and got rid of some things, my husband completed our packing while I was on bed rest. Needless to say, I have clothes from the late nineties to the present and it it time to purge. In many ways I am happy that I didn't get rid of my clothes because I am now able to shop my closet - I have sizes ranging from 9 junior to women's 18 (not quite sure where that came from) and as I shrink, I've been able to pull from my arsenal of old clothes.

As I've been rooting around, I've also noticed the sheer number of my clothes that are outdated and need to go. This week I started tackling the task of purging. I am able to get rid of the clothes that will never been in style again (although you can never be sure, I am certain they said that bell bottoms wouldn't come back in style and aren't boot cut jeans bells?) however the size 14s that I've worn once or never worn at all because they were too small? I am afraid to get rid of. What happens if somehow during my weight loss journey I slip up and fall into my old bad habits.

And weight creeps up? I can't see myself shopping for more "big" clothes. So against my better judgement I am saving some things. Just. In. Case.

I know this sounds like a defeatist attitude but until I've been living this way for at least a year (or two) I just don't feel comfortable letting go. I don't foresee myself slipping but you never know....

I think I've taken a big step by attempting to toss anything so I am patting myself on the back. Perhaps next year at this time, I will be celebrating maintaining my goal weight and finally feel comfortable letting go.


Dump it all, Renee! There is no just in case. You are leaving room for failure and thin is a lifetime achievement.

They say if you haven't worn it in 2 years, toss it. In your case, if it is too big - give it away!

I've been giving all of my large clothes away. I will NEVER be fat again!
DarryleP said…
I totally get your situation, and this post is the story of my life. I have a closet of clothes ranging from my low during chemotherapy to today-
I do find I've appreciated having all sizes so I can "shop my closet" when the need arises.
On the other hand... if I hadn't started http://cluttercast.com/

Hoarders could be just over the horizon. LOL.
Terri said…
Get rid of it! If they are too big or if you don't wear them, get rid of them...you don't want to keep them just in case... :-)
Anonymous said…
Get rid of the stuff girl -- you are doing great! Do not hang on and give yourself "permission" to put those clothes back on.
Kelly Deneen said…
Yep, get rid of it all! You can buy new clothes later if you really should ever need them. Reward yourself by purging those old, big clothes!!
*Tanyetta* said…
My sweet boy is growing up so fast! He was just a baby! Now he's standing tall! Look at him! Look at him! Oh and about the holding on to the clothes.....I am going to call you.
Michelle said…
Renee, I was watching "What Not to Wear" the other day and they actually said there's nothing wrong with having a few different sizes in your closet. It doesn't mean you will fall back into old habits, it just means you have flexibility in your wardrobe. I wouldn't recommend more than one size up or down I would think, but if you're having a "fat" day and your regular size just isn't fitting that day, I think it's better to have something you can wear comfortably for that day than be uncomfortable the entire day. You know what I mean? It doesn't mean you're gaining weight, just maybe bloated or something that day.

Good luck choosing!
Pammy pam said…
good luck with the weight loss. i love your site, so nice to see another sister of color!
Coniqua said…
congratulations on your success. Before dumping everything, you may want to consider if you plan on having any more children because having a few bigger sizes may save you from spending so much on maternity wear in the earlier stages.
Anonymous said…
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SageMom said…
I LOVE dumping things out--old clothes, clothes that no longer fit, etc. it's pretty cathartic.

as for keeping the bigger sizes...yeah, i think maybe if you're gonna have #2 soon then keep them, otherwise, dump 'em!

we believe in you =).
SageMom said…
I LOVE dumping things out--old clothes, clothes that no longer fit, etc. it's pretty cathartic.

as for keeping the bigger sizes...yeah, i think maybe if you're gonna have #2 soon then keep them, otherwise, dump 'em!

we believe in you =).
Scenty Tara said…
You know I too have the same issue! I had clothing from high school I just could not part with. When i finally lost some weight and felt really good about myself I packed everything up and donated it to our local womans shelter!

So, if your not using it, donate it! Someone else can use it.

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