I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

This morning my friend Lori of A Cowboy's Wife and I met in the gym at 6:30 to workout. The gym was packed and we had to wait a few minutes for treadmills but we were able to start our walk/run in about ten minutes. I decided to do some interval training and alternated a minute of walking with a minute of running.

Everything was going pretty well, for the first time I was using my iPhone to listen to tunes while I worked out. I had a strange foreboding feeling that something was going to go awry with the iPhone and of course I was correct. About 5 minutes before I was completing my workout I tried to adjust my phone and suddenly it landed on the treadmill.

In my infinite wisdom I decided to "save the iPhone" and in the process I proceeded to bust my azz. Yes, folks, I felt like I was in that commercial for the 50 Million Pound Challenge when the man falls off of the treadmill. I was down on the ground in seconds. I wasn't hurt so I thought it was hilarious.

We are in a New York Hotel and amazingly not one person stopped their workout to laugh or even see if I was okay. I laughed it off, the gym attendant asked if I was okay and I did get back up off my butt and on that treadmill.

Need a visual? Check this out. I kinda looked like this woman on the treadmill.


*Lissa* said…
Sorry, but I am laughing my ass off right now thinking about it. That is something I can see myself doing!

I'm glad you are okay and don't have any injuries other than your pride! ;)
Dayhomemama said…
Oh Goodness, Well I just laughed!! Friends always laugh at ya right? I've done it before too...at my gym's treadmill... survived!
Karena said…
Glad you're all right, what a great story!
workout mommy said…
oh no, glad you are okay! i would have tried to save the phone too.

(and i'm still laughing over the video!)
Sheliza said…
I too would have taken a fall for my phone! Glad you are okay and can laugh about it!
sad to say but they've probably seen so many people fall of the treadmill that it's probably common place.

Glad to know you were ok though.
Mommy Mo said…
I'm so glad you are OK and shame on all those people in the fitness center for not checking on you.

I have never fallen on the treadmill, but I have had an extra pair of panties fall out of my shorts while on the treadmill. I didn't even know it until one of the trainers tapped me on the shoulder to inform me that *ahem*, "something fell out of my shorts". I died of embarassment right on the spot. My friend, on the treadmill next to me, died from laughing at me.

Lisa @Shrinking Jeans
Tamona said…
LMBO . . . I am gonna tell you right now that if I had been there I would have laughed so hard that I could barely move. I am certain of this because I do laugh like that when I fall. Let me tell you. . . I get the opportunity to laugh a LOT!

Glad you are okay but you know in the south we would have busted a gut and lost 10 lbs laughing at you, right?
Beadwright said…
Ok so I know I am not suppose to be laughing, however, you have me cracking up. Glad you are ok. Thanks for the chuckles.

Tree said…
OMG! Sorry...had to laugh at that one! Love the video too.
Sheena said…
I know you had to have seen this video. Everytime I heard y'all talking about your tumble, it kept replaying in my head!




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