A Touch of Comfort - Interview with Grey's Anatomy Star Chandra Wilson

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for NAACP

I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan. I've been watching the show since the first season and on Thursday evenings you can find me riveted to my screen catching up with the staff of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. I am drawn to the show for many reasons, the wonderful writing of Shondra Rhimes, her commitment to diversity in the cast and of course the brilliant acting. Recently I received an email asking if I wanted to interview cast member Chandra Wilson, the actor that plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on the show.

Dr. Bailey is my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy. She is an exceptional surgeon, a mother of a young child and works extrordinarily hard to balance her career and personal life. Like her character, Chandra Wilson is a mother. She has three children - two teenage daughters and a four year old son. She frequently has 12 hour days when filming and with support she makes it work. When I received the email about interviewing Chandra Wilson I immediately responded in the affirmative. Not only because I love her acting chops but because Chandra is the spokesperson for the Downy Touch of Comfort Program and I wanted to hear all about her work with this wonderful initiative.

In this program, Downy has partnered with Quilts for Kids and the Children's Miracle Network to provide quilts to hospitalized children all across the country. Chandra is the ambassador for the program and has been for the past year. She graciously took time to chat with me about her efforts this weekend. Click HERE to see our full interview.

I think this is a wonderful program. So many children are hospitalized in the US and are unable to have the comforts of home. This quilt program provides them with a special blanket to help them during their hospital stay. You can participate in the program in a number of ways.
1. Purchase a specially marked bottle of Downy and 5 cents from your purchase will go to A Touch of comfort
2. Make a donation directly to A Touch of Comfort
3. If you are a quilter you can request a free quilting kit and make a quilt that will be used in the program.

For more information visit Downy.com.

I am so impressed with Chandra's work. It is wonderful to see a busy mother taking time to make a difference in the lives of so many children. I hope that you are able to support the Downy Touch of Comfort program, we all can help make a difference!


Petula said…
I soooo love her!
Krystal Grant said…
GREAT interview! You did an excellent job. I love Chandra Wilson. She's my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy. I was so sad to see her and Scooter (I still call him Scooter from Living Single) break up.
Stesha said…
She's an excellent actress. Downy made the right choice, in selecting her as spokesperson for their program!

Hugs and Mocha,
Kelly Deneen said…
That is very, very cool!! She has completely become one of my favoriate characters on Grey's. I am also glued to it every Thursday night! :)

What a fun opportunity for you, and what an amazing womand mother she is!
Talibah said…
I. Love. Her. Great interview. And, what a great program. I sooooo get what she was talking about re: requiring a different energy level to parent her little one. LOL! Thanks for sharing Chandra with us and for introducing me to this wonderful program. We just might start quilting!
angie said…
So cool. Thanks for spreading the news and WAY to GO on losing 30 lbs. Incredible!
Dr. Bailey is by far one of my faves too! I have watched that show since the first day...so jealous that you got to interview Chandra- you go girl!
Laura Levitan said…
What an amazing woman - I loved her real character and compassion as much as I love her Grey's character....and the program is wonderful......congrats on a super interview
Allison M. said…
I have been a fan of Chandra's the show since the beginning. That damn Dr. Bailey is my favorite character with Yang a strong second.

I think we all need a little Bailey in us.

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