Rethinking My Shrink - The Monday Project

It has been six weeks since the Rethink Your Shrink Challenge started at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Today we are to reflect on the things we've learned during the challenge. The main thing I've learned is that no matter what I am going to push myself to exercise. I may not be able to do everything perfectly but I am going to make an effort (Jillian Michaels do you hear me? I'm not phoning it in but I am working to my exercise level).

I have to celebrate my accomplishments. This one is more difficult than it should be for me but I've decided that by embracing my new figure and showing off my "assets" I am giving myself something to smile about and inspiring others. See my new Yummy Tummy (they have a hidden panel to help smooth the tummy)? It is a large and it is too big! But I celebrated needing a smaller size by getting a leopard print to replace my black one that has always been a bit big. I wore a new Yummy Tummy at Blissdom in my size -Medium! I did a happy dance about that.

I've learned that my jeans really are shrinking and it doesn't make sense for me to purchase new clothing because I will shrink out of them in no time. Case in point- the jeans I have on in my photo - they look good but I had to hike them up to keep them in place and in another month I think they will be too baggy for me. I got these jeans during this Challenge! I will soon be saying bye-bye to size 14 at the Gap and moving in to a 12!

I have also realized that the best gift I can give myself for my birthday is the gift of health. There is no excuse for me not to be healthy, prevent heart disease and other preventable diseases by changing my activity level and eating habits. No backsliding on this one!

I've learned that keeping true to "everything in moderation" makes me happy. No foods are off limits and by satiating my desire to eat things outside of the norm on special occasions I won't feel like I am denying myself. I also won't overdo it and take an all or nothing approach. Even if I overindulge I will just pick myself up and continue on the right path the next day.

Most importantly, I've learned how important it is for me to have a community to support my weight loss efforts, celebrate my accomplishments and give me a shoulder to cry in if I fall off the wagon. I am so happy to have all of my online friends for support - you've really helped make this journey possible!

I am up for the challenge of the Shrinking Jeans Olympics. I don't know what is in store but whatever it is, I can't wait!

Disclosure: I am a Yummy Tummy Ambassador and occasionally receive Yummy Tummy products to review.

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Petula said…
You can so do this! How exciting to have your jeans shrinking. I'm trying to make sure mine don't grow. :) It would help if I would stop the emotional eating of the M&Ms. And I've recently discovered dark chocolate ones. Mmmmm... I'm hoping my most recent stress inducers ease up soon.
Sheliza said…
As always you are truly an inspiration for all of us!!
Brooke said…
you're incredible and have come so far!! :) great work.
Domestic Chicky said…
You looked awesome at blissdom! I am so inspired by you and your journey-I am determined to follow in your footsteps!

*Tanyetta* said…
We are rooting for you!!!
Bacardi Mama said…
You are awesome! Great job.
Bari said…
Great job, Renee! You are looking FINE! Keep up the awesome work :)
Christie O. said…
you are SO CUTE!! congrats on this challenge and on how far you've come!! woot!
adrienne said…
Looking good. Good luck in the Olympics.
Rawr baby! Look at you in leopard! Lovin' it! :) Keep up the AWESOME work!
Anonymous said…
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Miz said…
You rock.
and I can say that now since we finally met in person :)

Miz said…
hey, may I quote you (and attribute to you!) in my podcast? these lines:

I've learned that keeping true to "everything in moderation" makes me happy. No foods are off limits and by satiating my desire to eat things outside of the norm on special occasions I won't feel like I am denying myself.

(podcast here:

hicksgirl93 said…
Congratulations to you! Looking good.
You are such an inspiration, I love this post so so much. xoxo

Love you.
Anonymous said…; You saved my day again.
You look awesome! You are such an inspiration to me.
blake said…
Good for you. I am so proud of you for sticking to this so well. That Yummy Tummy thing looks cool too. I've tried things like that, but all it does is shift the fat around so it muffin tops out around the edges. I probably need a Yummy Tummy body suit!
Anonymous said…
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