Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow

My son's foray into the snow was a big hit. He played, ate snow (NY snow - yuck!) and had a jolly good time. We actually could have been in Atlanta because snow fell there too - 4 inches! This winter has certainly been a doozy!
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Beadwright said…
Wow how darn cute is he!!! Nothing bothers kids. Not the snow or the cold. Glad he had fun.

Happy V day to you.

Jackie said…
What a great smile he has! He does look like he is enjoy the snow!
Ms. Bar B: said…
You can say that again. The one time it snows EVERYWHERE, the bay area decides that it will only get cold enough to hail, lol. No more surprise snow for us =/

He looks so cute, I know he had too much fun =).
Cat@3KidsandUs said…
He is so adorable all bundled up. We just got another dose of snow ourselves. I think they said 2 more inches but I haven't looked outside in a bit.
T.Allen-Mercado said…
NY snow?! No worries my husband attributes his NYC boyhood to the reason why he is immune to everything...and he is!

I miss snow photo ops, the rest of it, eh not so much.
Mekhi is absolutely delicious! And though I don't miss snow one iota (I grew up in NY, where you could get a foot of snow and STILL have to go to school), it sure did look downright purty here in ATL... breathtakingly beautiful.
SageMom said…
Can't imagine what it would be like living in snow...although it looks like fun! but i know to many it's not...
Krystal Grant said…
My kids ate the snow too. YUCK! My daughter, with her prissy self, begged me to go outside and play. She stayed in the back yard for 10 minutes with her brother then came inside crying because she was too cold! LOL
Mekhi is soooo cute! Here in Augusta we got about 5-6 inches! It was amazing and so beautiful. It's ALL gone now. But the memories of this will last us southerners FOREVER!
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Winter is so much fun for our children!! Too bad we have to go out in it!! lol

Snow Angels here we come!

It's exciting to watch kids experience things, and snow is one of the best!

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