Fit and Fabulous!

Please watch my video and share in my joy!


WooHoo! Great vlog - you do look fit and fabulous at 40! Happy birthday! What a great gift to yourself.

I would LOVE to be in a size 10!
YOU GO GIRL! I could use some motivation myself... Happy birthday!!
Well, I think you'll always been fabulous (and gorgeous), but adding the fit to it is a great thing.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations! Wow, 33 lbs in 3/2 months! Oh my. Such an accomplishment. I'm so proud of you! Way to go! And Happy Birthday, hawt mama! --- @ImAHotMom
Dominique said…
WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look great! Happy belated Birthday!! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Nia Long?
Jen said…
Yay.. you are a perfect "10"!!

Go girl. I lost 41 lbs in 12 weeks during a competition and have kept it off and lost 9 more.

Check out my blog if you have time!
Beadwright said…
Yeahhhhhh good for you!!!! You should feel very proud of yourself.

Sheliza said…
Go Renee, it's your birthday, it's your birthday, she's wearing a size 10!!! Whoo hoo congrats girl!!!! I'm so happy for you lady :)
congrats to you and happy birthday.. great video.. it was very inspiring... good luck on your continued weight loss journey
Krystal Grant said…
I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday. Congratulations on your size 10s. I'm a size 16 now and boy do I wish I could fit into a 10. As a matter of fact, you've encouraged me to get on the treadmill right now!
congrats! you did a great job. Happy birthday
Heidi said…
Wow that is amazing! You look fabulous!
Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your weight loss. You look great.

You are also mentioned @Blogher in
A decade of women of color in blogging.
Miz said…
welcome to forty!!!
I love it and you make it look pretty friggin fantastic.
Kelly Deneen said…
Happy Birthday!!!

How amazing! You look incredible. :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! You look great and a FABulous 10! I agree that the numbers will not matter when you start seeing that your body actually is starting to take shape (in a good way) that you start feeling better about yourself. WTG!
You look AMAZING! So happy for you! I love seeing your updates! Keep going strong!
Childhood said…
Claim Them! xo
Awesome post... inspiring and encouraging as usual!
Anonymous said…
Woooo Hoooo!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!! Thank you for saying it's not about the numbers.... I totally think that!!! Who cares what you weigh if you are in a size ten!!!! Congrats! You look great!!!
bookieboo said…
Yeah! 10 in 2010! I LOVED getting to see the jeans with the tag still on. So wonderful! And you feel so much better and healthy now and that is what it's all about! XXOO
ScrappinMichele said…

Happy 40th Birthday! I didn't realize you were just a couple years younger than me (i'm 42). I thought you were much younger than me. Welcome to the FAbulous 40s club!!! :D
Carla said… go have so inspired me. I have been saying I am going to do an accountability post on my weight loss journey. I cannot believe we are in March already. Spring is right around the corner and my stomach is on the floor!! LOL You are totally an inspiration to me and I am doing my accountability thread tomorrow with pics. :) I will keep you posted!!!!
kia said…
Happy belated birthday, you are a gorgeous, glowing, example of health. I think you are insane for starting your journey just before the holidays, but that is just a testament to how dedicated you are. Rock those jeans!
Justice Fergie said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You go ahead with your baaad self. I'm so excited for you. Now tell me - is it possible to do what you did without Jenny? I couldn't hang with the cost. Today I started the 30-day shred - but the food part stresses me out. There's so many temptations!
cocoamommy said…
Great vlog! I did not know you were turning 40. We must have a martini to celebrate turning 40. I can celebrate for another year-it's a milestone birthday right? Peace & Blessings on your journey!
this is awesome are my weight loss roll model...I just want you to know that!

I am sitting here typing in a size 16 jeans with tons of size 10 sitting at home just waiting on me.

I can't wait to find myself reporting similar great news.

Thanks for the inspiration.
Jessica said…
I can not believe you're 40!! You do look fit and absolutely fabulous! Keep on rocking it!!
Colleen said…
awesome job!!!! Congratulations and happy birthday!
Mandy said…
Fit and Fab!! That is great! And you lost it all pretty darn fast too! Thanks for the encouragement - it would be lovely to get back to a 10 some day. :)

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