Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans - Monday Project

You may have noticed that every Friday I post about something pertaining to my weight loss. I am participating in the Monday Project with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans in the 7 week Rethink Your Shrink Challenge. We are all challenging ourselves with these posts in different areas - the first week I discussed my pitfalls and triumphs in weight loss, last week I made a motivation poster and this week we are tasked with listing 5 reasons we rock.

Funny enough, this is the most difficult assignment for me because I really don't take the time to think about such things. I don't think many of us do, especially mothers. We are constantly thinking about the needs of our family, friends and many times put ourselves last and of course are our own worst critics. Today, I am going to make a list that I can look back and reflect on when times are difficult, not only during my journey to healthy living but in life in general. It will be a reminder for me that regardless of how many obstacles get in the way, I know I can accomplish everything I put my mind to.

5 Reasons I Rock!

1. During the last Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Challenge I won the Biggest Shrinker Award for losing the most weight. It was my first time participating in a Challenge with the Sisters and I was shocked that I actually won. Honestly, I didn't even know such an award existed but I proudly display my badge today!
Biggest Shrinker!

2. Although I publicly announced my intention to lose weight last year on numerous occasions with limited success, I decided to participate in the EA SPORTS Active 6 week Challenge. They say the third time is a charm and apparently it stuck because I am succeeding this time!

3. I have been consistent about chronicling my journey to healthy living, not only on my blog but on twitter, facebook and YouTube. The public accountability helps me but I also know that it motivates other people. I love inspiring others.

4. Although I am carrying some extra weight, after a spinning class at my gym the instructor said that I am an athlete. I know that if I keep working my inner athlete will no longer be hiding under these layers of fat.

5. Finaly, I am happy because I am setting a good example for my son. Although he is only 2.5 years old he now understands that exercise is part of our life everyday and if I miss a workout he is quick to remind me that we need to "exercise."

6. (one extra for good measure) Although it took me a long time to get to this point, I am so entrenched in exercising and healthy living that I can't imagine life without it. My gym is right next to a wonderful ice cream shop and for a couple of years I frequented that shop and ignored the gym (that I was paying for). Today, I am proud to say that stopping at the store is the very last thing on my mind. Instead of picking up high fat, high calorie ice cream, if I have a craving I substitute it with a low calorie version that I enjoy.

Although this was a challenging exercise I think that it was wonderful exercise to do. I encourage you to join the Sisterhood this challenge is been great!

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project


Christie O. said…
i so loved this post!! even though i'm the one who came up with this project thinking it was going to be the easiest one, it was the hardest one for me too! you so totally rock for all those reasons and for spreading your inspiration around to everyone. you really are inspiring and kudos to you for unlocking that inner athlete!!!
Brooke said…
i must say #6 is my favorite. there is that wall we break down and its amazing when we get to the other side and realize that healthy food, healthy activity that's what feels good. that's what we crave :)
You did an awesome job telling us why you ROCK! I think it would have been an easier project if we could have told other people why they rock, because I had a hard time with it, too!!

I'm so glad to have met you via EAS! I cannot imagine not having your friendship, your inspiration, and YOU as a Sister!

Keep up the good work, Renee! YOU are on fire!
*Lissa* said…
You do ROCK!

I thought this project was going to be a piece of cake... until I sat down to write my post. It really is so much easier to encourage and compliment others. :)
Vodka Mom said…
now get that skinny butt over her and help ME!!!!
Naomi said…
I'm trying to get to that point, too, where I can say that exercise is just another fact of our lives. I'll get there! Hopefully you won't even recognize me at Blogher...
Heather D said…
The fact that your son knows that exercise is a part of EVERY DAY? That is huge. HUGE. Big kudos to you!
You totally rock!
Petula said…
Congrats... I've always known you rock! ;)
Bacardi Mama said…
What a great job. You totally rock, you awesome thing you!
AnnG said…
Wow!! Ice cream store next to the gym...who thought that one up?? I'm proud of you for setting a good example for your son and going ot the gym instead of the ice cream store!

You totally rock!! You are doing awesome on your journey to healthy, fit lifestyle!
You totally rock! I used to be "entrenched in exercising and healthy living" but it's been awhile since I felt that kind of love you are referring to. I want to be there, loving the exercise and healthy eating.
Mocha Dad said…
Congratulations on your success. I also had to step back and evaluate my food choices. It is important that I set the right example for my children with healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.
FiddlersBride said…
What a great list! You ROCK! I look forward to getting to know you and the other sisters in the 'hood!
AmericanTribal said…
I *loved* your post! It's so great that you're setting a good example for your son, I think that's really important. Kids soak stuff up like a sponge, and right now he's soaking up that mommy thinks it's cool to be healthy... and if mommies think something, they are ALWAYS right! :)
Love your list, and thanks for stopping by my blog!
Krystal Grant said…
Keep it up Renee. We're all rooting for you!
Allison M. said…
Congrats on the biggest shrinker award!

For me, working toward a goal helps and signing up for the 1/2 marathon makes me run. I can't NOT finish the race!
Yum Yucky said…
Shrink, baby! Shrink it! Shrink it till it's shrank!
Steely Dad said…
I read about you in the article in Parents. Congrats! I thought I'd check out your corner of the blogoshere.

Congrats on being the biggest shrinker! My wife and I just joined a gym (it was the first time in my life). Like you, I've always been "athletic" playing organized football, baseball, golf and wrestling throughout my youth and college. But after getting married and especially after adding two kids to the mix, I noticed the exercise quotient going down and my waist band getting wider. It doesn't take long before you need to lose 20-30 pounds. So we've been going about 5 days/week and I starting to feel pretty good about the whole thing. I'm not a big "gym" guy but I think if you join one that you really like, it won't be such a drag and may even be more exciting than a trip to an ice cream shop (well, we can at least keep telling ourselves that until we actually believe it! :)

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