Tis' The Season

This is the season for giving and although I am not a big fan of the materialism of the season, I am a fan of giving to worthy causes. I know I am not the only one that feels this way, the blogosphere has come together to support families in need of support and this year is no different.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my friend Anissa's stroke. This mother of 3 is still in the hospital but she has been moved from the icu and will soon begin the long process of rehabilitation. All of this will take time and energy and financial support.

Another blogger, Matt Logelin lost his wife Liz, 24 hours after she gave birth to their daughter Madeline. He started the Liz Logelin Foundation to help financially support families suffering similar losses.

Starting tomorrow, seven different blogs will be hosting auctions of items donated by the blogosphere to raise money for Anissa's family and The Liz Logelin Foundation. They include: Buried with Children, Mayhem & Moxie, 7 Clown Circus,Scary Mommy, The Extraordinary Ordinary, Mama’s Losin’ It, and Adventures in Babywearing.

All bids start at $10.00 and the auctions will be open until Friday. So tomorrow, if you are so inclined check out the auctions and see if there is anything that you'd like to bid on. If the bidding gets too high or perhaps you cannot participate, please consider clicking my sidebar and contributing to the Mayhew family or visit the Liz Logelin Foundation and donate $7 on 7- Matt has challenged everyone to donate $7 to his foundation instead of purchasing latte's this season.

Thanks for reading and remember - tis' the season!


JamericanSpice said…
This is very worthy cause. I must check these blogs out.

Tis the season.
JamericanSpice said…
P.s I have you tagged on my blog :) Come see

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