Tide Loads of Hope coming to Austell, Georgia 12/7-8

Tide's loads of hope program is coming to Atlanta! This is so exciting. Tide loads of hope provides free laundry services in areas affected by disaster. Many of you saw my video from the severe flooding in Atlanta in September. There are many people in the Atlanta area that continue to be seriously affected by the flooding.

On December 7 -8th the Tide Loads of Hope Truck will provide free laundry services - wash, dry and folding for all local families in need. Drop off begins at 8 am and services end at 6 pm each day. If you know anyone in the Atlanta area in need please let them know!

Austell, Ga City Hall
2716 Broad Street

If you want to support the efforts of Tide you can purchase a vintage tee on the Tide Loads of Hope website or purchase Tide with a yellow cap, a portion of the detergent proceeds and all of the t-shirt proceeds go to the cost of providing the laundry services in areas like Austell. If 1000 t-shirts are purchased Tide will donate $50,000 to it's partner Feed America.

This is such a wonderful service and the truck has already visited New Orleans and Baton Rouge-Louisiana, Fargo- North Dakota, Galveston-Texas, Waterloo - Iowa.

Whatever you can do to support this effort - get the word out, purchase a tee or detergent will positively impact others!

Thank you in advance for your help!


*Lissa* said…
Awesome!! I wish I would have known about this while it was in Fargo and I would have seen if I could be of help!
Sheliza said…
I totally believe in this cause and I try to mostly purchase the yellow capped Tide and enter my code online. I did buy one of the shirts as well :)
Kathy Sykes said…
Yeah, Galveston is my hubby's hometown and I lived there for 6 years. They were devastated by the hurricane. I know that Tide helped them out. What a great service.
Joyce said…
I am staying active during the holiday season by doing interval workouts (run/walk) on the treadmill 4-5 times a week. I also plan to start taking spinning classes (high calorie-burning). In addition, I eat sensibly, in appropriate portions, and healthy snacks throughout the day in order to maintain energy and to control blood sugar levels.

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