Operation Weight Loss - Week 4

I am visiting my mom in New York this week but I am still sticking to my plan. Last week I stopped by my local Jenny Craig and met with a consultant, Jean who was great. She was so sweet and welcoming. As of my weigh-in today I lost 1 pound since last week, bringing my total weight loss to 11.2 pounds!

And, I am happy to say that I am also now in the 180s! Only 38.8 more pounds to go until I meet my goal. This past week was a little challenging because I was sick with a cold and didn't work out as hard as usual. However, I did workout so I am placing a feather in my hat for that accomplishment.

I don't have a photo for this week, my mom's hands are a bit shaky at the moment but if I can get someone to take the picture for me later I will post the week 4 update. Here is my latest vlog about my journey. And although this week is Christmas I am planning on staying on target, eating things in moderation and also baking a sweet potato pie. Be on the lookout for that on Thursday - I will be posting my recipe- lowfat and delicious!


Banteringblonde said…
Love sweet potato pie! You look awesome - way to go!
KMart said…
Congratulations! especially amazing considering you started this during the holiday season!

Check out this makeover video for some in-between sizes tips -
bookieboo said…
You HAVE to share your sweet potato pie recipe with us! Is it the crust you are going to change? I'm very curious. I haven't had that in YEARS! My mom used to get BBQ from a church in Alta Dena and it had sweet potato pie....OMG...delish!

Anyways, don't let anyone tell you that 1 lb. is not enough! 1 lb. is right on target. Healthy sustainable weight loss is between .5 and 2 lbs. per week. Most of my weeks are .5 or .25...so don't stress. You are doing GREAT! XXOO
Jamie said…
Awesome - keep it up and kudos to you for sticking with the plan over the holidays!
Petula said…
I am so extremely impressed with the hard work you are putting in. Way to go and way to rock it during the holidays.

Tell your mom I asked for her and I hope she's feeling energetic! :) Have a wonderful trip/visit. Merry Christmas.
The moment we think, The moment subjects are started. Waiting to watch The fittest. Cheers.
Brooke said…
congrats on the loss this week! :)
Karena said…
Great job!! Those numbers are really starting to stack up -- keep up the great work!
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Christy M. said…
Way to go, Renee! You're doing an amazing job, and you're such an inspiration. Losing 11.2 pounds this time of year is such an accomplishment!!

Keep up the good work, and enjoy your time in NY with your mom :)
That's awesome! Congrats on the loss this week!
Tanyetta said…
you look fantastic. happy holidays!

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