Sunday, December 6, 2009

Moms of Hue Launch - A Day of Giveaways!

On Monday, December 7th Moms of Hue is holding the official launch party. This has been a long time in the making but we wanted to celebrate with a big bang! We have over 30 prizes that we will be giving away all day long. Follow the conversation on twitter by searching for the #momsofhue hashtag and be sure to follow - @momsofhue so that you don't miss a chance to enter our giveaways!

And of course, be sure to stop by Moms of Hue, we have an excellent team of writers who voice the perspective of Moms of Hue. All are welcome!


strokeofliving said...

Congratulations on launching a new site/project. You're the busiest mommy that I know. I look forward to reading all about the Hue Moms. It's nice to see more people of color representation in the Internet.

Naomi said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading and learning more.

blueviolet said...

I'd like to support you in this but I'm hue-less. My husband has a hue, and my kids have biracial hues. Does that count?

mannequin said...

Oh dear...Twitter? If you'll be there, I would love to come! I'd also love to win :)

Susan said...

I'm here to support and cheer you on. I too am hueless however have an oreo grandaughter. I wish you the utmost success.

Joyce The Writer said...

I'm happy to see so many great writers in one place. I was following some already. Its great to find new voices. I look forward to being engaged in stimulating conversations!

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Hi Renee

Just stopped by to say hi. Have a wonderful day.

JamericanSpice said...

I must go visit!

Thank you for sharing and congrats on being apart of this.

Anonymous said...

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