Gifts That Are Sure To Please

I admit it. I am not organized enough to do a holiday gift guide. However, I do want to highlight some products that I think are great gifts this season. Let's begin:

The Aflac Duck

Every year Aflac produces, and with the help of participating Macy’s stores, sells a unique plush holiday duck for a worthy cause—the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and blood disorders. 100% of the proceeds from every duck sold are donated to fight pediatric cancer at a participating hospital nearest to where the Aflac Holiday Duck is sold. Here in Atlanta, proceeds go towards CHOA’s Aflac Cancer Center. Since 2001, the Aflac Holiday Duck has raised more than $2.2 million for pediatric cancer hospitals across the nation.

This year’s soon-to-be collector’s item is dressed as a green holiday tree complete with ornaments and a golden star that lights up. It even quacks its attention-grabbing
“Aflaaac” when squeezed. It’s priced for people who are watching their spending, but still want to ive back to the community in this down economy, at $10-15 depending on size. People can find them at participating Macy’s stores, and at

Obama Time Capsule
This is the most amazing commemorative gift I have seen. The road to the historic election of President Obama is chronicled in this book. It is aesthetically beautiful, full of large color photos. But that is not what sets this book apart. You have an opportunity to contribute to the book and personalize it.

I dedicated my book to my son and it will be a keepsake he has forever.

For ordering info visit: The Obama Time Capsule

E.L.F. Cosmetics

This minty lip gloss is my favorite. It is a great color and I love the taste - sometimes it is difficult to keep from licking it off my lips completely. Although I am really feeling this gloss at the moment, I like most of the products from e.l.f., especially since most things cost between $1-$3! Great stocking stuffers and when you sign up for the newsletter you always get great deals. Visit or your nearest Target- they carry some of the products now.

Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

This is a great pocket video camera that produces HD video. It is so simple to use and I can slip it in my purse or pocket to catch special moments in everyday life. AS you can see, even Mekhi enjoys making videos - seeing the world from his perspective is always interesting. I was lucky to receive this in a gift bag during a party at the BlogHer conference.

Virgin Mobile - Rumor 2
Got a teen that loves to talk? Virgin Mobile has a no contract unlimited talk plan that might be perfect for you. At $50.00 a month it is a bargain and if you don't want to go that route you can just place money on the phone and use it as you go. My mother who is not technologically inclined has been a Virgin Mobile customer for years and loves it! It is obvious that Mekhi loves talking on the phone too - so in a few years I think I will use Virgin Mobile for him. We've had fun testing it out this month thanks to Virgin and elf cosmetics. They have paired with elf for the Sexiest Mouth Contest, hurry and enter to win $1000, a Rumor 2 and $185 Elf cosmetics!

Energizer Energi to Go AP1500
I have an iPhone 3G and when I am using it to take pictures, use whrrl and tweet, as well as make calls and manage my life the battery wears out quickly. This energizer battery doubles the life of my iPhone and makes a huge difference when I am out and about chronicling my life using my iPhone. I am so grateful that I received one to review and when compared with the one that I purchased by another manufacturer, this one is far superior.

K'nex Sesame Street -

Mekhi loves his K'nex Elmo policeman and car. He spends at least 15 minutes at a time playing with it and for those of you with toddlers, you know this is amazing. He can take this thing apart, put it back together and there are other pieces in the series so when he is older he can build an entire village. This is the best toy that Team Mom has sent to us for testing.

Leapfrog Tag Reading System

I received a LeapFrog Tag book at BlogHer and then at Blogalicious I won the pen and Mekhi was delighted. He loves to read and even though the Tag is slated for children 4 -8 at 2 he enjoys listening to the stories. I may end up purchasing the LeapFrog junior for him but at this point he seems to be doing okay with the regular one.

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail

Although Mekhi is almost (crossing my fingers) out of diapers, he still uses pull-ups and I need a way to dispose of them without funking up my bathroom. *cue music* Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail to the rescue! I was so happy to receive one of these to review because it has an innovative system that sprinkles baking soda on the dirty diapers. This is ingenious and I no longer have to worry about the pee smell permeating the bathroom (lucky for me he now keeps poopy in the potty).

As I mentioned before, I am participating in the 6 week challenge and I have to attribute a good amount of my 11 pound weight loss to using More Workouts. I love the new additions - stretching, ab work and the tropical setting. I am also a really big fan of squash, you can't go wrong with this game if you are looking for a fitness product for the Wii that is both fun and gives results.

Lane Bryant Gift Card

Although I am working on getting in shape I am still a plus-sized girl and my favorite place to shop is Lane Bryant. I'd have to say that 85% of my wardrobe is from Lane Bryant and the good people there sent me a gift card to shop and see all of their gifts for under $50.00. Except, I still haven't shopped and am not sure when I will but the giftcard does not expire. If you have a curvy girl to shop for this is a gift that she will love.
This is my list of some of my favorite things and if you are a procrastinator like me and still need to make some last minute purchases you might consider some of these things. It is snowing here in New York and my shopping will probably take place on Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh well, have I mentioned that procrastination is my middle name?

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Victoria said…
procrastination is my middle name as well! I love the Kodak Zi-6 suggestion, I am thinking of using mine to help capture holiday stories this season! :)
Oh my gosh - that Aflac duck is hilarious! Cute, but really funny.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Naomi said…
I am so excited to start the EA Active workouts! I think the ability to personalize the Obama book is really cool, too. I'm still so happy someone from Hawaii is president... ha!
Anonymous said…
I love Lane Bryant. They have cute clothes for us plus size girls. I am really hoping to get a wii because I hear so many people are getting in shape with it.
I LOVE that Obama book. It's so cool that you can personalize it. I remember watching on election night and inauguration day with both my sons. This was Matt's first vote and he was excited to vote for Obama.

I've got some of that ELF Minty lip gloss too. Got it the New Moon premier. It's yummy!

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