Unexpected Mail

Yesterday the FedEx delivery man left a package on porch. As I waved goodbye, I looked at the box curiously because I was not expecting a delivery. I opened the box and was delighted to find an explosion of Fall colors and an envelope addressed to me. I opened the envelope and pulled back the tissue paper to revel the items in the photo above.

I'd been sent a Happy Gram from Primrose Schools. You can click the photo to read my note but in a nutshell, the Primrose School has donated $25.00 in my honor to the Points Of Light organization a non-profit organization with a network of over 500 volunteer centers in the US aimed at inspiring, equipping and mobilizing people to change the world.

The purpose of the Happy Gram was to inspire me and my family to be a "Shining Light in our community" and the two electric candles enclosed are a reminder to be that shining light. I almost shed a tear because my entire life I've tried to be a shining light and encourage others to do so as well. Primrose Schools encourage volunteerism regularly and they support the program that I used to work with Reach Out and Read on both a national and local level.

I don't look for recognition for the volunteer work that I do in my community, but it is always wonderful to be recognized. When Mekhi turns 3 I will take him with me to volunteer and at the next book fair at his school I will ask him to choose a book to buy and donate to others.

As we embark on the holiday season, I'd like to encourage you to be a "Shining Light In Your Community." My happygram had two candles and I was encouraged to give one away to inspire another family. Please consider this post a candle of inspiration, donate some of your time to your community and bring your children along too.

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strokeofliving said…
Congratulations for being s shinning light in your community. I'm not surprised. Good job!

Also regarding your comment on Wordle Wednesday, keep searching for the answer, it's there!
Petula said…
That's a wonderful inspiration!
blueviolet said…
How wonderful and I can see that it's very meaningful to you! Just to assure you, you are definitely a shining light. :)
Anonymous said…
How appropriate for them to send that to you. You are definitely the shining light amongst all of us.

Mekhi is so very blessed as are all those whose lives you touch, I'm sure..
Well you certainly are achieving that goal of being a shining light. It shows up on your countenance and in everything you do. No person deserved that surprise more than you.
Congratulation! What a great way to be a great example for your son! I love to look for great organization to volunteer with kids.

It's not as easy when your kids are younger. There are a few in the Atlanta area that we can do it as a family. Would love to hear from you if you have any organization that you love to work with your family. :)
What a great positive post and what a fun thing to get in the mail. I am all about volunteering and usually I am fortunate enough to be able to bring my boys with me. I think it's one of the best things we can teach them. This year, my oldest boy went on a week-long trip to help out at an indian reservation and he said it was one of the most positive experiences of his life.
That's wonderful. It's always nice to get gifts but better when it's alos part of doing good for others ;)

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