Tim Gunn

Today I was trying to find the photos of Mekhi trick or treating last week in Asheville with his best buddy Cinque, however I am unable to locate the photo. That is not surprising considering I have so many photos floating around on numerous cards and I need to get organized. I believe I've mentioned my lack of organization skills in the past (if anyone out there is type A, seriously organized and wants to provide tips? Call me- okay, email me - HELP!!). Anyway, here is a photo of Tim Gunn and I at BlogHer. He complimented me on my camera case which is shaped like a bowler bag - me, complimented by Tim Gunn? I was over the moon.

Yes, this photo is from July and I'm just getting around to posting it today. Consider this an appeal for help because gosh, darn it I am disorganized and my memory is failing. In any event, I am still participating in NaBloPoMo and this is my Friday post. Sue me, I'll try harder to find the cute photo of my son next week!

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Yakini said…
That is a great photo!

LOL omg, I am laughing because I can so relate. It seems like pregnancy brain turns into mommy brain - and it just doesn't go away! :-) I've never been so absent-minded/frazzled/disorganized as I am now, and it started around the second trimester and never left. Hehehe!
Krystal Grant said…
I love Tim Gunn. Did you tell him to "make it work"? How did I miss you at Doughnuts and Dinosaurs? Well, I really didn't know anybody It was my first blogger event. Good luck finding the photo.
I am jealous- I didn't get to meet Tim...great pic of you too BTW.

I would be happy to help with the organizing via Skype or whatever works for you (did you know I'm a professional organizer?)

Have a good weekend!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Hahaha. Its just like that sometimes! That's a great picture. I love Tim... he kills me when he looks over his glasses intensely critiquing something. Hey, did you cut your hair?
strokeofliving said…
Your hair looks fabulous in this photo! Tim Gunn is a trip; I like to hear him speak.
Anonymous said…
Disorganized - When today is tomorrow I find self disorganized.
When today will be today I will be organized.
I wish.
blueviolet said…
lol, better late than never? I have to be at least as bad as you are in the organization department. Worse actually. I'm sure of it.
Now, you have to show us that camera bag. :)

Also, if you get the answer or tips about organizing your photos, please make a post for it.. pretty please.. I need help too.
Petula said…
Fab photo. I love your hair there. Cut? Or twisted? Okay, so you're going to post a pic of the camera bag, right? :)

I used to be very organized... then I had three more kids. Now, I'm merely surviving. I can't find any pictures either. :D
JamericanSpice said…
You met the Gunn! That is so neat. Lovely photo of you with.

I'm so disorganized too!
Awesome picture! You look radiant:)

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