Sweetgrass Spa

Have you ever discovered a diamond in the rough, cleaned it up and delighted in the glittering sparkle of your newest find? I feel this way about Sweetgrass Spa.

I have passed by this spa on more times than I can remember and never ventured in. This quaint spa is not the run of the mill place, it is more like visiting a neighbor whose home is so comfortable that you never want to leave.

Whenever you visit warm tea, aromas too delicious for description, and furniture that is broken in like your favorite armchair awaits you.

Imagine all of this, add spa services and then you will understand the beauty of Sweetgrass Spa.

My visit to Sweetgrass was rather serendipitous. I am traveling on Sunday and will be having professional photos taken. In an effort to have my skin looking my best I began a search for a facial that was both affordable and good quality. There were a few places that I knew of by reputation but didn't have any direct recommendations for so I decided to check with yelp.com to read reviews for some of the spas I was considering (if you are not familiar with yelp you must visit! People post reviews of local business/restaurants/etc. it is a wonderful resource).

I read the review for a facial with Kristin at Sweetgrass and realized that the facial is one of the "hawt yelp deals" this week! Several spas are providing services at 50% off in Atlanta and after reading the review I called immediately. I was able to take advantage of the deep discount and got an appointment the same day!

Kristin was amazing! My facial was custom designed for me. I have been having fairly regular breakouts and my skin needs hydration. Kristin discussed my skin with me, took a look herself and designed a facial to meet my skincare needs. The spa uses Aveda products and as a long time fan of Aveda I was tickled pink.

The facial began with aromatherapy, Kristin had me inhale three different scents and I chose geranium essential oil. The light and airy smell of geranium filled my senses as I enjoyed Kristin's light touch. She used a professional strength Tourmaline buffer for my skin, to exfoliate and brighten. The rest of the service included other potions, extractions, a mask, and hydrating moisturizer. Although I can't remember all of the steps my fondest memory of being relaxed and my glowing skin after the treatment.

I highly recommend Sweetgrass spa and if you are in the Atlanta area visit yelp.com to check out the specials for this week! You can also check Yelp in your area and you may find a diamond that you've overlooked in your neighborhood too!

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*I was not compensated in any way for this post, I just wanted to share some great services with you!


Auntie E said…
Sounds like a great place. If I only lived nearer. Happy WW
MarcomMom said…
That spa really looks COZY, like it wraps itself around you the minute you walk in. Would love to have a coffee shop with that same vibe in my neighborhood, but it's too full of hipsters! :)
Erin said…
I wish I lived in Atlanta! That looks divine.
strokeofliving said…
Happy Wordful Wednesday. Thanks for the yelp.com tip, much appreciated. Safe travels to the west coast and back! Yes Sweetgrass Spa looks like the perfect, quaint place to have a relaxing facial. Let me encourage you to treat yourself to that service regularly.
Thats looks so awesome. I sure could use a spa right now! Glad you enjoyed it!
Anonymous said…
Mmmmm.... sounds like an amazing place... wish I was close by!
Ms. Bar B: said…
Sounds like a wonderful experience!
blueviolet said…
You must look and feel like a million bucks now!
Petula said…
Sounds like a fab spot! I haven't heard of it or Yelp. Gonna have to check out both of them. Thanks.
That place looks really cool,nice find!
Anonymous said…
Very nice spot! Thanks for the info :) I was at this large spa a couple months back. They had one of those swim spas in their day spa and it was so nice. I'm not sure what the Swim Spa Cost is but I'm sure it was pretty pricy. Anyway, you have convinced me; I'm going to book an appointment that this place next week!

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