Shamed Into Cleaning -Laughter for Anissa

For Anissa - the genius behind Aiming Low, Hope 4 Peyton and Free Anissa. She really is a superstar that aims quite high and
taught me that laughter is the best medicine.

Today I had to admit to myself my terrible aiming low tendencies. I am not a Type-A mom, although I am friends with many and often go to them for tips and pointers. No, I am more like a Type D mom. My son is well taken care of, has clean clothes and is fed. The "common" areas of my home are clean. But my bedroom and office area? They leave much to be desired. And today, the proverbial chicken came home to roost.

After over a month I finally decided to call my home warranty company about the broken downstairs toilet (yeah, I paid for the service but in my ultimate wisdom failed to call and use it). For a nominal fee of $50.00 the plumber was schedule to come out and fix the toilet. No problem. Common areas clean, kitchen clean, no obvious sources for embarrassment - in sight. As he is looking at the toilet he asks about the other bathrooms and if there are problems.

Hmm, last night I was considering the same thing myself. All of the toilets are notoriously difficult to flush and since he was making a visit it only made sense for him to check out the other bathrooms. Right? I was on board for him checking Mekhi's bathroom because, say it with me, "common area." I was NOT prepared for him to walk through my bedroom/ office and bathroom.

Of course he asked to see that one too - no need for multiple trips out and expended unnecessary money, right? So I said - hold on a minute. Prior to answering the door and giving him entry into the house I'd strategically closed my bedroom door to prepare for the possibility of him looking at Mekhi's bathroom. So, I quickly scurried into the room - pulled the door shut behind me and proceeded to throw the clean clothes (that had mysteriously fallen off of the bed to the floor) under the bed. I tried to pull the comforter down to hide the evidence but the bed was cluttered and it really didn't make much of a difference because clothes still peeked from beneath the bed. I took one of the myriad reusable bags in my room (that I keep meaning to put downstairs or in the car for use while shopping) and stuffed it with a few pair of jeans - at least they'd be out of the way. I quickly realized that I was fighting a losing battle.

More clothes were strewn on the floor, erupting from my unpacked suitcase from last week's trip to California. A dirty clothes pile was waiting in the middle of the floor waiting to be washed. The papers in my office look like they were tossed into the air and allowed to fall wherever. And stayed there. Because in reality that is pretty much what happens when you give a toddler free range of the house. Oh and let me not forget the corner filled with a cornucopia of gift bags,novelties and knick knacks from the conferences that I've been to attending spanning back to July of this year.


I declared the place a disaster and let him in because who was I kidding? There was no hope in sight for a bedroom/office that looked remotely in order. After looking at my toilet (and not mentioning the proverbial elephant in the room) the plumber left to go purchase some parts. Not knowing how long his trip would take and hoping to regain some of my dignity, I started cleaning like crazy. The pile of folded clothes on my side table? Placed in the closet. The dirty clothes? Back in the hamper. The large boxes in my office from deliveries (have you wondered why I am doing so many giveaways? Trying to clean house, yo!) out of the office and into the garage. While downstairs I scooped up some trash bags and commenced to cleaning and rearranging. One hour went by, and like the very hunger caterpillar that was "still hungry" - I was still cleaning. Another half hour - still cleaning. And then a call - the plumber let me know that after traveling to two stores he was still looking - and still about a half hour away.

I continued cleaning.

Finally, after two hours the doorbell rang. With parts in hand he marched himself directly into my bedroom and stated "I see you've been cleaning!" All I could do was laugh. I explained that he "shamed me into cleaning" and I was going to blog about it. We both had a great laugh and I shared stories of my blogging adventures, gave him recommendations for a graphic designer and web designer and chatted with him for the duration of his time spent fixing the toilets.

He has been gone an hour now. And you've guessed it. I am STILL cleaning. Actually, I am lying, I am typing this blog post with Hope for Anissa. I hope this makes you laugh my friend. And now I have to run because there really is more cleaning to be done!

Yesterday Anissa suffered a massive stroke and is in the ICU. This is her second. She is married and the mother of three young children. Everyone that knows her, loves her. She has a zest for life and crazy funny sense of humor. Please say prayers for her family and if you are so inclined, sign up here to help the family.


strokeofliving said…
All mommies I know are in constant cleaning mode so give your self a break and pace your cleaning, like what's his name from the TLC show, the professional organizer - Peter Walsh- take it 10 minutes at a time.

During my meditation/prayer time I'm going to call Anissa's name out loud. A you know that I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE that a stroke is devastating to your life in every way. Thanks for letting us know about her!
Anonymous said…
Funny story - I had not "met" Anissa before.... I read her story on another blog I read... so sad I am praying for her.
Christy M. said…
At least it was isolated to your bedroom/office. If ANYONE showed up at my house right now, I'd be completely mortified. I still have completely unpacked from that CA trip, and my house looks like a pack of wild dogs lives in it. Seriously.

Loved the laugh!! Thanks for sharing :)
blueviolet said…
I think Anissa would get a huge kick out of this!

I can't believe that guy actually commented on your cleaning. I probably would have just chuckled to myself knowing you'd done it! ;)
Erin said…
Send him to my house, I need some inspiration!
Petula said…
I am so definitely sure that Anissa will laugh about this. I don't know her, but from what everyone is saying she'll enjoy this and even respond!

You're too funny though. I can picture everything you said - fabulously written. If nothing else things are a little cleaner (hopefully a lot) and you entertained the plumber. :D

Okay, okay... I have to admit that a friend who's been hanging out with me lately has shamed me into cleaning my office. Just his presence ... LOL.
Tanyetta said…
I am cracking up because I can picture you running around cleaning. Hey, I've been there. What about opening up your blinds only to see al the dust bunnies saying heyyyyyyy :)


Never met Anissa but, she sounds like an awesome woman and laughter is good for the soul. Shoot she would have bust a gut with us on the disney bus that day! Heyyyyyy Anissa, get well soon my dear. There are a lot of people rooting for your recovery!!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh Renee....I do love your writing! You are so well spoken yet so down home and real.
One time I jammed dirty dishes in the oven quickly so guests wouldn't see and a week later (that's how often I cooked), found them again.
How piglike of me.
Boy can I relate to that one. I am the exact same way. I don't know why I don't think our non-common areas don't deserve as much attention as the common areas, but I know my bedroom and bathroom are never as clean as the rest of the house - ugh.

I will share my best speed cleaning secret with you. I set my timer for 15 minutes per room. It's amazing how much cleaning you can crank in such a short time and it gives you a lot of energy. That way I can get my whole house "moderately clean" in about an hour and a half.
I send love and healing to Anissa. I'm not a big fan of cleaning, so I applaud you for giving a hoot about what a stranger sees. My daughter and I had a laugh because we saw a cartoon commercial where the background scene looked like parts of our house all piled up with junk and papers.

It is time for the cleaning lady to come out again, but I'm trying to pace myself. I know I'll be needing her all yearlong, thanks to the new addition. If you need her number just email me, she's a God send and only $10.00 per hour minimum of 6 hours.
Oh, girlfriend! I am so glad you told me to come read this. It makes me think of last summer when we had a problem with our phones and the guy from the phone company had to go into every room with a phone jack, whether it was being used or not. That took him into every single bedroom in the house. Not a pretty picture in a house full of kids (and messy adult bedroom, too).

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