Quick and Dirty

photo by Lindsay Maines

My friend Lindsay aka Rock and Roll Mama sent me this photo from our trip to Vegas for BlogWorld Expo and SITScation. Like Lindsay, I love this picture. Lindsay caught me in a tranquil moment, this photo captures the essence of the word peace. In the midst of the chaos that is called Las Vegas, my friends and I stopped to admire the waterfall and despite being lost in the expansive Venetian hotel, we were content and happy. I will be channeling this feeling tonight as I am caught in the throes of procrastination.

Procrastination should be my middle name because I am notorious for leaving things to the last minute. Tonight I have to pack my clothes for a trip cross-country and I am leaving at the butt crack of the morning. This means that everything should be packed already. In my usual fashion, 12 hours before my departure I am not packed. However, I did get a really good nap in this afternoon and that has to count for something! And before going to sleep I did do two loads of laundry and we went to the Original Pancake House to spend time together as a family.

And I have to add that although the clothes are not physically in the bag, with the exception of a shirt or two that is drying, all of my clothes are laid out. So at this junction, I guess you can say that I am ahead of the game. When I am in serious procrastination mode I pack the morning I am leaving - even if I am scheduled to depart early.

I suppose instead of blogging I need to fix dinner, pack and go to bed because tomorrow and the following days are going to be long. I'll be back tomorrow and will share some photos from my latest adventure.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Execumama said…
Add me to the list of lovers of this photo! It almost looks like you're staring down at your newborn or something with that level of extreme captivation and calm.
You are so impressive, and you are beautiful! You take the best pics.
Anonymous said…
The smile within is clicked.
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Ms. Bar B: said…
I think, sometimes, good company has a way of bringing peace in the most chaotic places =). I am so happy that blogging has turned out to bring you everything that you first hoped it would bring... I think it is bringing you more than you had dreamed!

I'm looking forward to finally having the opportunity to meet you this weekend =)
strokeofliving said…
Personally, I think you all are making way too much of this photo. So what it reflects almost perfectly who you are!? Beautiful, Smart, Sought After, Kind, Funny and Contemplative. Yeah, way too much. Therefore, I'm changing the title of this post from "Quick and Dirty" to "Lovely and Amazing."

Safe travels dah'ling :-)
Petula said…
Well, at least you grabbed a nap and did laundry. Two of the most important things. Top on the list: Spending time with family. As long as you have clean undies and a toothbrush all is right with the world. LOL

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