The Pre-School Conference

No pictures today and barely any words. My eyes are burning and my head is throbbing, something about traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast that always knocks me out for a few days. Today I was able to get in a brief nap, talk to my family in New York and spend time with my little one.

I also had the first conference with my son's pre-k teacher.

My assessment? Not going to hold too much weight to the feedback given. As the teacher explained that there were 5 levels that each child could be on but she doesn't rate above a three because in future classes if they'd already reached a 5 it would seem as if the child wasn't growing, I pretty much shut down. My ire was rising pretty quickly as I tried to understand the faulty logic that I was listening to. Rather than express my disdain at the methodology, I simply listened nodded my head and silently disagreed the system. For me taking the road of least resistance is best at this juncture because I know that my son is learning and that really is all that matters.

At the end of the day as long as he is on target with meeting all of his milestones I am not worried about a thing. And I also know that in six months we will be leaving this particular school to go to another one. My son is happy, well-adjusted and quite bright. I don't need a piece of paper to confirm what I already know - he is two for goodness sake! I have enough years ahead of me to be concerned about grades, for now he is having fun, talking up a storm and loving every minute of "school."


Kathy Sykes said…
Yes, I agree with you and will be taking your advice also. Our sons are two years old and as much as we want them to learn as much as possible and not be stagnated, we have to remember that THEY ARE TWO!! I hope you get some much needed rest. You are ALWAYS on the move but you do a great job.
Need some tips from you,seriously.
Teacher conference at TWO? I'm glad you decide not to fret over it. It isn't worth it. Eventually, kids will catch up with their own development.
blueviolet said…
Why are there conferences at that age? It sounds like it could build unnecessary insecurities. Ridiculous!
angie said…
I don't even send my kids to preschool if they are not, I think your attitude that he well adjusted without being told where his intelligence lies on a piece of paper is smart! :)
Sing my song, sing my song! This post hit home with me.

Yes he is two. He is fed, clothed and loved. He is doing better than most.
Anonymous said…
Um this irks me so. This is one of the reasons that I chose to homeschool. I am even somewhat resistant to listen to the damned milestones as they are so general.

Good for you and my little man! You and he are doing fine.
Petula said…
Yea, that's a great outlook to have.
Anonymous said…
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