That folks is the verdict after my weigh-in and body mass index(BMI) calculation at Jenny Craig. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it.



Now, I know those of you that know or have met me in real life may be reading this and thinking - no, you are not obese. But friends, I am obese. I've known my BMI was in the "obese" range for awhile but I never really paid it any attention because I was in denial. Yes, my husband likes the extra "junk in my trunk" but after four years of marriage and a baby the pounds have piled on(and on and on). At first I refused to buy "big girl" clothes. And then I looked in my closet and absolutely nothing fit. There was no choice. Big girl clothes were in order. I purchased a few throw away inexpensive clothes because I just knew I would not be wearing "this size" for very long. I continued to grow rounder and purchased cute clothes in even larger sizes because if you have it flaunt it, right? Hmm, oh I wish I was still "this size" and instead I am obese.

What does this mean? I am on track for poor health outcomes in the future. And that ladies and gentlemen is unacceptable. I used to be a fitness fanatic - if I gained ten pounds it was a travesty. Now, I wish I only had ten pounds to lose. It is more like 50. Yes. 50. I am owning it. I will not deny that I am fat. Not some cute acronym like PHAT but straight FAT. FAT. More specifically, OBESE.

Now. The question I ask myself is "What are you going to do about it?" I'd already answered this question by agreeing to participate in the EA SPORTS Active More Workouts Challenge in August. And when I went to California at the end of September to visit the Nestle headquarters, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jenny Craig is owned by Nestle. I walked up to the table, swallowed my pride and admitted to the representative that I was ready for change and wanted to start the program. And now my friends, I have started Jenny Craig and hope to experience success like Valerie Bertinelli and Phylicia Rashad. Wait, I take that back. I KNOW I will succeed.

The combination of exercise and a healthy diet are going to work this time. I must admit that it is helpful to know that I have a support system. Admitting that I am struggling despite my past participation in fitness challenges is liberating and also motivates and inspires me to do better. I am tackling this over the holiday season because I figure there are a few days that I may indulge but that doesn't have to hinder my progress.

I started working out on Friday and I am getting it in. Even if I have to break my workout up into two or even three parts because of a hectic schedule, I am doing it. Jenny Craig is providing me with support. Once weekly meetings, meal plans and food which I supplement with grocery produce is helping me to eat right. The counselors are extremely supportive and I love that the program is a holistic approach to losing weight and not a diet. I must admit that even with the discount that I am receiving for blogging about my experience the food is pricey. However, I see this as an upfront investment with the ultimate goal being preparation of food on my own. And the program is designed to get me to that point.

I start the meals today so I am not sure how they taste but I've tried the snacks and if they are any indication I think I will like the food. There is so much food in fact, I think I will have a hard time eating it all but since I haven't been eating properly or enough, this will be a welcome change.

Today I have laid it out on the table. One last time, I am obese. And hopeful that soon this word will no longer describe me.

Disclosure: I am receiving 3 months of free consultation and discounted food from Jenny Craig. All of my opinions about the program are my own,


Tanyetta said…
Way to Go! I am rooting for you!
melissa said…
yay for you!!!!!!! i'm right there with ya. i joined weight watchers, a little over 1 week ago. because after i quit smoking, i have major amounts of junk in my trunk. and i don't want it there anymore.
you can do it!!!
Carolyn G said…
Oh honey I feel your pain! The Wii keep telling me that everyday. I am on Nutrisystem and lost 14 pounds so i know these programs can work. I am rooting for you as well because I understand how hard it is.

But I haved learned and even when I go off the program for whatever reason, I find myself choosing better food and smaller portions.

Maybe next time we meet, we will have less junk in the trunk!! Good luck!
kathy sykes said…
I wish you good luck. If Valerie, Kirsty and Felicia can do it, I KNOW YOU CAN!
It will totally be a lifestyle change that you will be able to keep up. I am doing the same. We have to be healthy and active for our little ones.
Jennifer said…
Yay! Good luck. Check out spark people. It is helpful keeping track of nutrition and exercise.
Jennifer said…
*sigh* I know the feeling. I'm currently *going it alone* with Jiliian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It will be more like 90 Day shred, as it has taken about 3 weeks for me to start to feel some sort of difference, but this time I have told myself that I won't give up. High five to you and to us...I'll be looking forward to reading about your progress!!
strokeofliving said…
So the homemade confections and boxed Swiss chocolates that I was going to send to you for the holidays will never do now. Darn!! JUST KIDDING. This is my way of saying that you have my support - Go Renee Go!

You can do it.
Anonymous said…
My only concern with a plan like Jenny Craig is that you have to eat "special" foods. That means that you'll be cooking two different meals, doesn't it? After your desired weight loss, do you then switch back to "real" food?
Stay strong! You can do it! I hear it in your voice in your writing that you are a strong person.
Shawnta said…
Good for you! I'm proud of you & will support and encourage you just as I did with the Wii Fit Challenge. You inspire me to make the same changes in my life! WE can both do this. Stay strong & be encouraged.
Mariah said…
Goooo!!!! I'm looking forward tohearing your progress
Kareen said…
I know...you've heard it already, but I just had to say it again - You're not obese!!! Being rubenesque is way OK. Losing weight for health reasons is a great goal, but you're beautiful no matter what.
Mevolving said…
You can TOTALLY do it! I lost 42 lbs between Weight Watchers and watching what I eat by keeping track of calories and I know you can do it if I did! It really is like Valerie says on the commercial - any diet program will work if you set your mind to it. Make it a life change, a decision to get healthy and not just lose weight and you will succeed!

I know the shock of the 'O' word because I was told the same thing by my doctor and I was horrified! I'm behind you a million percent and if you ever need anything (even a kick in the butt) I'm around the bloggysphere! I've managed to keep my 42lbs off for 2 yrs now so know that it is possible!
Execumama said…
I'm looking forward to cheering from my couch as I read about your successes through this process.
Petula said…
You can do it! Starting is half the battle and the other half is to keep going. You know I've been where you are and I totally understand. I'm glad you have the support system and I look forward to your reviews, updates, etc.
Christy M. said…
I have SO been there, girl. When I found out I was considered obese, it was my wake up call. I was 29 and had a son who 2, and that's not where I wanted my life to be. I had also outgrown all of my clothes and hated having to buy bigger, and yet bigger ones. So sad.

I'm happy to say that I'm now considered overweight, as far as BMI is concerned, but I'm SO close to NORMAL. SO CLOSE! It's been a long journey, but I'm so glad I decided to take it.

*Lissa* said…
I can so relate, Renee! The first step is admitting that you need to change, you have done that and more! You can do it!

Glad to see you at the Sisterhood! :)
Hannah said…
You can do it! Good luck!
Hannah Beth said…
You can do it! Good luck!

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