Nature's Splendor

This morning I was focused so intently on my latest book that I almost missed the beauty that was right outside my window. One of the flight attendants stopped by my row to look out the window and the view was absolutely breathtaking. It is said that we should stop to "smell the roses" and I am delighted that I inhaled the fragrant aroma of roses expressed in the lovely mountain formations in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is my first time in this part of the country and sadly I am just passing through. As I type this blog post I am waiting for the boarding announcement for the next leg of my journey. In the meantime,
this is the view from my seat in the airport. Nature's beauty at it's finest.

Blogging on the go - gotta love free wifi in the airport, they've just called me to board. Later!


Jennifer J said…
Love it! I flew into Salt Lake when we went to Santa Barbara. It's even more gorgeous when the mountains are covered in snow.

Thanks for that great update. I know you're using that amazing laptop of yours :)

Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you're good:)
No matter how many times I travel by air, it never fails to amaze me, flying over such diverse terrain.
blueviolet said…
Wow, is that ever beautiful!!! Safe travels, Renee!!!
Petula said…
Happy travels! That is a beautiful part of the country, isn't it? I'm glad you had a glimpse. I love looking at nature. You can find me staring at trees, checking out the clouds or craning my neck to catch a glimpse of the sun or moon. A true nature junkie. It's so peaceful and beautiful - every opportunity to soak it up is a blessing. :)
Mrs. Sowell said…
I don't stop by here often enough so I am planning on being a regular. This is an awesome pic. Safe travels. :)
That is breathtaking! Have a great trip.
Ms. Bar B: said…
Glad to see that you enjoyed your flight. Hope the flight back home is just as beautiful.
Stesha said…
Great view! Have a safe trip.

Hugs and Mocha,
Jennifer said…
How beautiful! I love mountains...they are so strong and steady, but they create the most intensly beautiful visual experience. Glad you got that moment to take the view in. There's something that makes me feel fortunate sometimes just to *see* something like that. It changes you forever in a way :)
SageMom said…
Traveling again? LOL! True, sometimes there's so many beautiful things right in front of us that we don't even realize.

What a pretty view of the mountains!
Well shucks, what are you up to now? I just got back from your area and the trees oh my the trees!
Awww, wish I'd known you were headed my way, I at least could have waved. Heck my office is just a stone's throw from the airport, I could have come over and met you for coffee.

It is gorgeous here, isn't it? Some mornings, I look out my window and the view is just breathtaking. Then again, like you some days, I'm just running in a zillion different directions and I zip past those amazing mountains without even giving them a glance.

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