And the baking begins....

I love to bake. When I was first married I baked almost everyday. I was a mini-Martha Stewart in training. The downside of the baking was weight gain. As much as I enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen, my husband only liked lemon pound cake and chocolate chip cookies. Since variety is the spice of life I baked all sorts of confections and ate most of them too. Ahem.

I have more will power now and have learned to give my goodies as gifts. A win, win for everyone! The teachers at my son's school look forward to the holidays because I am known for my baking.

Well, the baking has begun. Last week I had the opportunity to check out the relaunch of the iVillage food website. I saw these sweet potato biscuits and knew that I had to make them. I love that on the site I am able to see the recipes on my laptop in kitchen view - no printing out of recipes, I just set up my laptop and cook away. Wonderful.

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Anyhow, I tried the sweet potato biscuits and they came out okay. My little helper is really enjoying this cooking thing and I learned something too. Although these biscuits don't rise much because of the sweet potato, mine really didn't rise at all. I guess that is what I get for using expired baking powder. Can you believe that Walmart was out of baking powder today? And as much as I like baking I refused to go out shopping again today!

Anyhow, the biscuits taste great and the next time I make them I will probably add more brown sugar to the recipe. I think the biscuits should be so a tad bit sweeter. For the full recipe check out iVillage.

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Annie said…
I'm planning to bake tomorrow.

Stopping from 7 clowns circus.
I love to bake too...thanks for the review of the recipe! :)
Alicia said…
I love baking too!!!! I've never heard of these before, but I love sweet potatoes!
BoufMom9 said…
I LOVE to bake as well and plan on spending all day tomorrow making my house smell yummy!

Happy WW!
Felicia said…
They sound wonderful! I love sweet potato anything really. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I love sweet potatoes. They recipe sounds great.
Jenni Jiggety said…
The baking is about the begin here, too!
T.Allen-Mercado said…
Baking and I are not ma'am. I love to cook, but the exacting part of baking puts the kibosh on my creative juices and that I just can't have. That said, sweet potato biscuits sound decadently delightful, how much comforting carbs can you pack into one confection...I'll be passing this on to my baking bud, Anna!
Momstart said…
I have never been a big fan of sweet potato but it looks so good, and I've heard that taste buds change every seven years so I think it's time to try them again
I am Harriet said…
I can't wait to bake!
I love sweet potato anything! Have a great Thanksgiving =)
Kathleen W. said…
I too love to bake, but had to stop doing it because of weight gain too. I started baking again though last week and have been giving stuff away to neighbors and friends. I just like the smell of things in the oven!

Oh, and I have a great sweet potato biscuit recipe that I make every year (except this one)
Sweet Potato Biscuits
Petula said…
They sound yummy! I know what you mean about going out shopping again. My daughter went to the store, but I refused. :) You would think the least I could do was go to the store since she's doing most of the cooking. Yup, 98 percent of it. I have two assignments: beverage and spinach pie. (No, it's not a dessert and it's fab!)
writing4612 said…
I love desserts too.

Just wanted to let you know that your menu bar is messed up. It's spilling over into the sidebar because it's not centered.
sito50 said…
I love sweet potato biscuits, but haven't made them in ages. Thanks for reminding me about them.

A week or so on America's Test Kitchen, they said both baking powder and baking soda lose their effectiveness in 6 months -- like anyone can use up a tin of baking powder in 6 months. I've put mine in the freezer, hoping to extend that.
Marcus and I enjoy baking and share our finished products with the neighbors. That way we're not eating everything!

Marcus and I are off to volunteer at our church. My husband is in for a long day at Kmart.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Im not into Thanksgiving have very small family but Im glad to see others enjoying this day. Gobble Gobble
SeaBird said…
Saw your post on BlogHer about having another baby and had to tell you my story :) My husband wanted NO MORE after our twins and I went back and forth. I figured if we were meant to have another one, he would come around. Instead, I came to the realization that I didn't want another one after all. Two days later I found out I was pregnant... and now I've got three kids under the age of four!! You just never know....

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