Vegas, Baby!

So, we are all familiar with the saying, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Supposedly this will protect both the innocent and not so innocent during their jaunts and adventures in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the moment, I find myself sitting in my hotel room at 5:30 contemplating going to a tweet-up. However, there are a few things that are making me think that just staying put is the best choice to make this evening.

I know, I know, I am in Vegas and it is time to play, right? Well, the thing is, I have never been big on gambling and casinos. The first time I went to a casino I think I was 21 (although I may have only been 20, shh, don't tell anyone) and I put my $20.00 in the slots and that was the end of my gambling. Yup, I spent the 2o bucks that came with the purchase of my ticket to Atlantic City and that was it. I believe I broke even and didn't spend the $20.00 that I won back.

Just call me tightwad because I have never been into the whole "lose my money at machines designed to make you lose your money" thing. Perhaps if there was a casino in my hotel I would be go exploring but I am staying at a hotel off "the Strip" and if I want to go to the tweet-up I have to walk five minutes or take one of these crazy priced cabs there.

Hmm, my other option is to stay put, read another book and wait for America's Next Top Model and Glee. Yes, I am boring but I do have to be up early for my presentations tomorrow at Blog World Expo and we are 3 hours behind my usual time zone and....can you tell I am making excuses? LOL

In any event today has not been a complete bust. I had some great Korean food and I had my toes done (overpriced, did you know that Vegas is EXPENSIVE????). And if you have never been to Vegas you may be surprised that once you step off of the plane you are greeted with slot machines. Check out my Whrrl story for some shots.

In any event, I think tonight I will be staying in but who knows what tomorrow holds...stay tuned for more from "Sin City" or in my case, tales from the boring mommyhood.
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TRochelle said…
I was lost in your pictures. You are a very popular lady. I attended the Logitech mixer in Irving, Texas and I had the opportunity to meet Maria Bailey. She told me she attended Blogolicious and I just had to see if she met the famous Renee Ross! She spoke very highly of you, as did I.
Anonymous said…
Gambling is a lucky fortune if a person play the game once or twice in a year. Otherwise, gambling is an addiction towards no-return.
Anonymous said…
Vegas, baby! Yeah, I'd do the same. I've never understood people that throw money away with the hope of winning a few pence.
It's morning now and I guess your fancy little toes are on their way to the expo, have fun!
Anonymous said…
Girl you have been a true travel Diva haven't you. If you want to stay in your room and rest up a bit, then so be it.
Callan Green said…
Great presentation today. :) I really enjoyed what you had to say. Glad you stayed in last night so that you could deliver such an on-point presentation!

Hope to see you at the Techset party tonight.
Anonymous said…
Hope you have a great time!! Even if it is quiet!!
K. Rock said…
Looks like a great time!!
SageMom said…
Can't believe you're on ANOTHER trip =)! LOL!

I'm not a gambler--the few times I've been to vegas it's usually just to see shows/concerts.

I'd stay in and watch glee too!

ha ha.
Summer said…
Okay.....girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll....can I just tell you that I caught the end of the conference and I was able to hear you speak....

And I fell in LOVE!!!

You are fab.

But you have to know that right?


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